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Tricky Turkey Causing Traffic Troubles Hard To Catch - Brevard, NC


August 31, 2017

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The Turkey

A renegade, car-chasing turkey has been sighted paying frequent visits to Rosman Highway, wreaking mild havoc in traffic.

Many fear for its safety, as well as the safety of drivers, leaving people to wonder why it's there in the first place.

"We've responded several times and tried to catch it and get him out of the roadway," said Shawn Miller, deputy chief of the Brevard Police Department. "It's out in the road causing a traffic hazard, and we've tried to catch it, but it's pretty hard to catch a wild turkey."

The turkey seems to have become tame, according to Miller, and it's actually chasing cars.

"Everybody has their own personal opinion as to if a turkey is smart or not," Miller said. "I know when they are young, if they look up when it's raining, they can drown, and I can't speak for this one, but it's actively walking around in traffic."

Miller said he suspects it's someone on Glazener Road who is providing food for the bird.

"Someone keeps putting all sorts of food out for it in that area," Miller said.

According to Eddie Gunter, chief deputy for the Transylvania County Sheriff's Department, officers have not been dispatched to the area "officially," but he said several officers with the department have gone to the location in front of Sav-Mor Grocery on Rosman Highway to stop traffic and to let the turkey cross the road.

As far as catching and relocating the turkey, he said that would be up to the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.

District Wildlife Biologist for the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission, Justin McVey, said he would relocate it, if he could catch it.

"Every time I've gone out there, the turkey wasn't there, and, generally, they are hard to catch, and you can't tranquilize them, and if you go after it with a net, it just flies in the other direction," McVey said. "So, if you can catch it, let me know."

McVey, who first heard about the turkey a month ago, said the best course of action is to stop feeding the turkey.

"The reason the turkey is out there is someone is feeding it," McVey said. "When I was out there I saw corn, birdseed and vegetables. If whoever just stops feeding the turkey it will not hang around the highway anymore."


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