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Call To Resolve Stalemate


September 4, 2017

The negotiations between Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina and Mission Hospital have reached a stalemate. This threatens the health care of all North Carolina residents currently covered by BC/BS, in particular those in the Western part of the state.

From discussing this with friends who work for/with Mission Hospital, the lion’s share of the blame belongs with Blue Cross. My understanding is Mission Hospital works within a budget allowing a 2 percent profit margin, while Blue Cross’ is 13 percent. Blue Cross spends an enormous amount of money on advertising to grow their business, while Mission does not. Much of this money is spent elsewhere in the U.S. to the detriment of the plan holders here.

Mission has developed many of their medical programs (cardiac, cancer, etc.) to an exemplar status for the entire region to the benefit of all of us. The quality health care in this region attracts retirees and quality health care professionals to move to North Carolina, in particular Western North Carolina.

This Oct. 4, if you are a Blue Cross customer, you will no longer be able to use the Mission system and have it covered by your Blue Cross insurance.

This past April, my wife suffered a minor heart attack and received excellent care from Mission hospital. I, for one, do not want Blue Cross to sacrifice this important benefit for my family and neither should you.

If you are a Blue Cross insurance customer, I encourage you to call both the N.C. Department of Insurance at (855) 408-1212, Mike Causey, insurance commissioner at (919) 807-6056, Ted Hamby Deputy for Health Insurance, and Blue Cross NC Customer Service at (800) 446-8053, to express your concerns.

With health insurance being such an important “hot button” issue today, it is wrong for Blue Cross to threaten the loss of this important coverage for our care at Mission Hospital. Blue Cross customers comprise 25 percent of the patient expenditures of Mission Hospital. Your voice can make a difference. Make the call before you lose something your life may depend on.

Dwight Wallace



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