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Comparing Auschwitz And Statues


September 21, 2017

I recently saw a statement that puts all the monument and statue destruction into a thought-provoking corner. The statement pointed out that Auschwitz in Germany, where over 1 million Jews were killed, still stands as a reminder to not allow something like that to ever happen again. Not only does the camp still stand, but there is a museum which was visited by 1.4 million people last year. Tours of Auschwitz are also available.

The way Auschwitz is being memorialized is in stark contrast to the way some in this country are destroying monuments that, in some cases, have existed for years without a problem.

In my opinion, the destructions are serving to further divide this country and fuel anger. To me, the monuments and statues can serve as historical reminders that wrongs were committed and they should never happen again. But, to simply erase the past is counter-productive and will not serve to accomplish the goals, whatever they may be, of those doing the destruction.

Charles Brendle

Pisgah Forest


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