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New At The Library: Monks Reveal How To Relate To Dogs


September 25, 2017

These new books are now available at the Transylvania County Library:


Adebayo, Ayobami. “Stay with Me.” Yejide and Akin agree polygamy will not be part of their marriage even though it is a long-held custom in their culture. After four years of marriage, there is still no baby and her family procures a second wife for Akin. Yejide goes to extreme measures to get pregnant, even sacrificing her own happiness and health. (FIC ADE)

Ellison, J.T. “Lie to Me: A Fast-Paced Psycholo-gical Thriller.” Everyone thinks that Sutton and Ethan have a perfect marriage, but nothing could be further from the truth. They have horrible financial troubles, and their hatred for one another grows stronger every day. Then Sutton disappears, leaving a note not to follow her. Ethan’s troubles multiply when he becomes the main suspect to the police and all of his friends and family begin to distrust him. (FIC ELL)

Locke, Attica. “Bluebird, Bluebird.” Darren grew up in East Texas and the first opportunity he got to move away, he took off as fast as he could. It wasn’t easy being a black man where he grew up, and when he returns home as a Texas Ranger, not much has changed. He’s in Lark, a small town, where two murders have occurred and people are ready to riot. The dead man was black; the dead woman was white. (M FIC LOC)

McDermott, Alice. “The Ninth Hour.” After her husband’s suicide, a young Irish immigrant and her unborn child navigate Brooklyn during the twentieth century with the help of an elderly nun. From shame to poverty to superstition, the deeply Catholic neighbors make life more difficult for the little family, but eventually, their lives all intertwine to show how love and forgiveness make life richer. (FIC MCD)


Brown, Brene. “Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone.” In the age of technology, Brown believes we are all suffering from isolation. But she shares a daily practice that will bring a sense of belonging to anyone who wants to be fulfilled (158.2 BRO)

Fowler, Cary. “Seeds on Ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault.” More than 500 million seeds are kept in a remote Norwegian seed bank buried in a mountain. The tunnel is 130-meters long and houses all humanity would need to replenish crops should our Earth suffer a disaster. Includes beautiful photos of the Global Seed Vault. (631.521 FOW)

The Monks of New Skete. “Let Dogs be Dogs: Understanding Canine Nature and Mastering the Art of Living with Your Dog.” According to the Monks of New Skete, it is only possible to have a good relationship with your dog when you understand the dog’s nature. You can establish this through dedicated training. The Monks share their steadfast program to bring happiness to you and your dog. (636.7 LET)

Walker, Danielle. “Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple: Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, and Paleo Recipes to Make Anytime.” None of the prescribed medication for Walker’s autoimmune disease helped her feel well, so she took matters into her own hands and began researching. Eventually Walker made the food/disease connection and cut all grains and dairy out of her diet. Since then she has not only been well, but she has created a successful business helping others with similar issues. (641.568 WAL)


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