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By Rob Owen 

Transylvania County Ghost Stories: Williamson Creek Ghost Was A Yankee Soldier


October 26, 2017

I lived in Transylvania County on and off all of my life, and I’ve heard and seen some strange and interesting things about my birthplace. The strangest by far has to be the legend of the headless man on Williamson Creek. I have not seen it but have known people through the years who have carried the knowledge of being confronted by it to their grave.

Maggie had to walk the seven miles from her job in Brevard to her home on Williamson Creek. Her shift ended at 10 p.m. and it was an hour’s walk to her home. It was very late when she arrived on the bridge. The walk seemed to be as ordinary as any other, but as she approached the bridge on that fateful night she began to feel uneasy. She walked faster as the feeling grew stronger. As she passed over the bridge, she noticed a man sitting on the railing. In the dark she had been startled but not afraid; she was glad to have someone along it only to ease the mirky feeling inside her. She raised her hand to greet the stranger and as she did, a scream left her lips and tumbled out into the night.

Before her stood a man of perfect stature in every way except one, he had no head! Maggie began to run sideways to pass by the ghostly apparition, but as she passed, the figure stood and advanced. Maggie, nearly hysterical by this time, ran across the bridge as fast as she could. She looked behind her not only to find out that she had not lost the man, but that he was walking at a normal pace and keeping step with her running steps. The man seemed to have no intention in hurting her but only to walk along her side, as he did until Maggie reached the Williamson Creek Falls, where he disappeared.

Maggie ran the mile back to her home and was questioned by her family. Her father told the story I’m about to tell you.

During the years of the Civil War, a group of Yankee deserters was discovered camping on the banks of the creek near the Brown farm. A regiment of Rebel soldiers was sent to investigate and found that the Yankee party had been murdered and one soldier had been decapitated. His head was never found.

He has been heard but rarely seen moving up and down the creek at all hours from the Brown farm to the falls of Glen Cannon searching for his head and to avenge his fallen comrades.

If you ever venture to Williamson Creek and decide to walk along the creek or to go across the bridge, make certain it’s not at night and listen to make sure it’s just the wind and not someone walking the creek looking for his head.

This story was first published in The Transylvania Times in 1991.


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