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Morrow Makes Good Decisions


November 2, 2017

Good government doesn’t just happen. We elect them and that is why I a voting for Councilman Mac Morrow. I am voting for Mac Morrow in part because he is familiar with local government, he has served for over 25 years, and because he is a homeowner, meaning, he is a taxpayer who has a lot at risk when making good decisions for all of us!

Brevard is a forward thinking city because it has given its residents the things that a city requires to operate. Providing core services at efficient, cost-wise levels are essential to any city. Making the motion to reject a new $44 million water treatment plant when the one that the residents own does great (according to the mayor) and will last us until approximately 2065 and also saying no to a $9 million dollar sewer treatment plant “overhaul” when it is now working “better than in the past 20 years.” I think it took guts, education and experience to say “no” to something that a high-priced engineering firm tried to convince Brevard City Council they needed.

Mac Morrow thought, and rightfully so, that the plants the residents already owned could be remodeled, re-tooled and procedures could be changed at a fraction of the cost. This saved the residents huge dollars that they would now be paying to consultants and in fees had they followed the status quo. That is but one reason I am voting for Mac Morrow…he is experienced and knows the difference!

Richard Hingle



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