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Ignoring Trump's Successes


November 6, 2017

I read with interest Bob Youngerman’s letter in which he ranted about Trump’s thoughtless, sometimes callous, occasionally wrong tweets, twitters, and verbal miscues. I agree! He can be as rough as a cob when he puts his mouth in gear before he engages his brain.

On the other side of the coin, Youngerman ignored two great and informed speeches, one to Congress and one to the U.N. He ignored the fact that we appear likely to pass major tax reform, both personal and corporate, for the first time in some 30 years. He ignored the fact that he has cut through dozens if not hundreds of government regulations and cleared up yards of red tape, to the benefit of the public and the economy, via the use of executive directives. He ignored the fact that since his election the stock market is up thousands of points and breaking new records almost every day, that employment is up slightly, and that unemployment is down slightly.

He really should take a more objective look at the political situation. And Youngerman is not even close to being “right of center.”

Don Stinchcomb



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