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Veterans Of Vietnam War


November 20, 2017

In collaboration with the WNC Military History Museum and writer Michel Robertson, The Transylvania Times will begin publishing, as of today, an article once every two weeks on a local veteran who served in Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was highly controversial. The purpose of these articles is not to re-engage in any political discussion of the war itself, but simply to let those who fought in Vietnam share an experience or two from that time. We also hope to include photos, if available, of the veterans both during their time in Vietnam and today.

We recognize that hundreds of veterans reside in Transylvania County, so readers may wonder why focus on just these veterans. Many of those who fought in World War II and the Korean conflict have passed away. Many of those who fought in Vietnam, however, are still alive. The articles focus on those who served in Vietnam so that they can tell of their experiences in Vietnam. The short pieces printed in the paper will become part of book by Robertson to be entitled “Welcome Home Brother, Welcome Home Sister.” Proceeds from the book will benefit the WNC Military History Museum.

We deeply appreciate all of the veterans who have served this country, past and present. But unlike veterans from other wars who returned home to parades and accolades, those returning from Vietnam came home to no parades and sometimes individual rebuke. These articles are an effort to recognize them, show appreciation for their service and let them tell a small part of their story.


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