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November 30, 2017

How can we, as a civil society, stand by and allow the mentally ill be robbed of treatment that is so needed. There is a downward spiral in the care of the “least of these.”

Intelligent, educated people with psychiatric illnesses often do not excel. They are held back by brain disorders, not “craziness.” Often, they conceal these illnesses so that they can hold jobs.

Stigma is rampant in workplaces and in homes, surprisingly among families. People are ashamed of themselves and for ill family members.

We cannot turn away. Wasted talent and intellect constitute and dictate that we need to fight stigma where it exists. Education is needed. Men, women and children fight daily to gain a foothold for an illness that is not well understood.

People who are treated by able providers can lead a normal life. However, there are no easy answers. We are in an emergency.

Multifaceted problems require solutions that are difficult to attain. Inertia creates morass that can be difficult to escape.

The mentally ill just deserve a chance at life.

Sandy Goble



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