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November 30, 2017

Wow, let’s get the replica depot on the roll. Hats off to Mr. Hall, Dru Bridges and Jimmy Harris for realizing the great potential of bringing that beautiful historical reminder of our depot back!

As a child I played at the old depot that was closed. Trains still came by and the whistle still blows in my mountains. All of us neighborhood kids on Whitmire and Railroad Avenue would gather there for socializing and having fun. I remember we skated on roller skates on the cement landing area.

When it was torn down, I didn’t realize the emptiness it left on all of us. Somehow it felt like ours and it just got ripped away, (so we thought). Now I hear it may come back! I could jump for joy and thank God for it. Railroads are a “thing of mine,” especially mountain ones.

My Mom rode the train back and forth from Rosman to Brevard for work. This depot will help Brevard, Railroad Avenue and the Bike Path flourish.

It’s a win-win and a respect for a history that should never be left behind. Let us never tear down salvageable history that our ancestors left us. All of us should, if any way possible, donate that brick and get it underway ASAP.

This gives me further inspiration to start up my little but spirited band, The Railroad Avenue Rollers.

Shirley Corn Reagan



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