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Moore Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty


December 4, 2017

First, let us say that if Judge Roy Moore committed these violations on these young women, he should be in jail, not the Senate. He says that he is not guilty and he is innocent until proven guilty.

Why did it take these women years to come forward? Why didn’t they come forward while he was a judge or during the Republican primary race? Why did they wait until weeks before the Senate election?

Sounds a bit unusual doesn’t it. It’s now the judge’s word against the women.

Remember the Duke University athletes who were wrongly accused of rape after the case went to court. The woman who made this up ruined the lives of these fine young men.

Praises to Judge Moore for trying to stop the removal of the Ten Commandments from the courthouse.

We have to wonder why Mr. Rowe didn’t include a sitting senator and a sitting representative in his article. Could it be that Sen. Franken and Rep. Conyers are Democrats? Franken now has four women accusing him of the same thing while Conyers uses our taxpayer money to pay his victims to be silent. Could the women who came forward against Judge Moore be politically motivated?

Charles and Linda Butz



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