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Stand Up And Salute Our Flag


December 4, 2017

I was taught from early childhood in school to stand up with our right hand over our heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance to our country’s flag, which represents our rights and freedom.

I was handed a flag once during my husband’s funeral. My sister-in-law was also given one after losing her husband, my brother. Both had proudly served in our military.

When one person rebelled against prayer in our schools, we sat by and let it happen. Look at what’s happening now. Our children are shooting each other.

This disrespect for our flag really hurts and is getting personal. I live in an apartment complex in Brevard and have always flown the American flag on the front of the building on patriotic days until recently because someone put a foolish rule in the bylaws that nothing is to hang out from the building.

One day I was asked to take the flag down, and I said “That’s not my flag: it belongs to the veteran across the hall.”

The manager promptly asked him to remove the flag, which he did. It still bothers me so much because it is our right to fly our flag. When the new rule was added to the bylaws, there should have been an exception made for the American flag.

It’s time we stood up and be counted. What can we do to make sure our flag is respected.

Lois Dodson Meyer



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