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December 4, 2017

The joy of Thanksgiving has gone by. The future faces forward into Christmas, and I want to urge shoppers to shop locally in our beautiful town. I myself want to avoid chains and patronize our businesses owned by our local friends and neighbors.

Recently I was sipping coffee at Quotations and Ann Hollingsworth, a local businesswoman, asked me for information about my background.

She new I’d grown up in the culture of small town America. My parents were products of The Great Depression and lived accordingly. Our family ran a general store: hardware, cosmetics, Hallmark cards, watches, diamonds and other jewelry. “The Store” was in business for 40 years. It was a famous landmark for the town of East Hampton, Conn.

What did I learn from growing up this way? I learned about the work ethic. My dad paid me $1 an hour. I learned the value of money and thrift in managing it.

Now I ask folks to be good neighbors by giving local businesses your full support.

Janet Benway



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