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Harassment Laws Need To Be Enforced


December 25, 2017

Charles Brendle thinks that “inappropriate behavior” (i.e. sexual harassment, abuse and assault) “should know no gender” and that we “need a definition of ‘sexual assault.’”

What sort of “definition” is he looking for, I wonder? One that absolves men from being held responsible for the sexual crimes they commit against women, children and other men? One that conveniently labels women who come forth to report unwanted sexual behavior as liars. One that demands that women making accusations be put on trial?

He claims to be concerned about “unsubstantiated and open-ended accusations while there is no definition for the action being claimed.” He mentions lives (of men only, I presume) destroyed by such accusations. What about the lives of women that have been destroyed because no one would listen to them or believe their accusations against powerful, predatory, morally corrupt predators like Donald Trump?

Mr. Brendle is obviously not aware that we already have legal definitions of sexual harassment, abuse and assault. All he needs to do is refer to any dictionary, including legal dictionaries that make clear these definitions.

Sexual abuse is not a new phenomenon. However, it is one that has been conveniently ignored because the vast majority of victims are women and children, who feared repercussions if they spoke out. No more! The tide turned when the Boston Globe exposed the sordid history of sexual abuse of children and teenagers by Catholic priests. As “men of God,” they were trusted; their word accepted without question; their actions hidden (thus condoned) by the church hierarchy.

The tide turned again when women dared to speak out against film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who demanded sexual favors under threat of destroying careers. The flood gates are open, and the time has come to listen to the women and to hold men like Trump, Weinstein and so many others accountable for their crimes.

Ninety-nine percent of sexual predators are never punished. We don’t need definitions – we already have them. We need enforcement of the laws that should protect victims of sexual assault, abuse and harassment, and not allow their perpetrators to go free.

Pamela Blevins



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