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Music On Christmas Day


January 4, 2018

I want to thank the owners and sponsors of WSQL, White Squirrel Radio, for broadcasting Christmas music on Christmas day. There were no commercials and no breaks for news. The music selected was tasteful and inspirational. On the hour, Mayor Jimmy Harris did a brief announcement of Brevard’s upcoming 150th anniversary as a city. He also introduced the sponsor of the hour.

I spent the earlier part of Christmas day with folks I love, but after 4 p.m., I tuned in to WSQL and found the music uplifting. Even my beautiful green-eyed cat, Tiger Lily, found the music soothing. Music can be a welcome companion to listeners.

“My Favorite Things” from the film “The Sound of Music” gave me a lighter perspective on life. “Ring Christmas Bells” had a beat I liked. “Whatever Happened to Christmas” was sad, but “Little Altar Boy” moved me to tears as an adult man asked the altar boy to remove the man’s sins and despair.

I did not listen to WSQL all day, but a partial list of sponsors I did listen to were College Walk, Heart of Brevard (representing small businesses), the Brevard Police Department and White Squirrel Realty.

WSQL Radio is a great and caring neighbor to all its listeners. Thank you, thank you, WSQL, for your celebration of the holiday.

Janet Benway



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