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Time To Say "Enough"


February 22, 2018

How many tears must we cry as we read about innocent schoolchildren slaughtered in a hail of bullets? As we read about loving parents who sent their sons and daughters happily off to school one morning and spent the evening making funeral arrangements for them? As we try to imagine their unimaginable grief as their hopes and dreams for their children were shattered in a few horrible seconds? As the newest tragedy turns into just another statistic to be added to the long list of mass murders committed by unstable people with military assault weapons?

As one looks at the NRA’s record of intimidation and bribery of public officials over the last 30 years, and the results of that campaign, it is hard to see a difference between them and other major terrorist organizations around the world. The NRA and everyone who supports them have blood on their hands. The politicians who were bought by them — almost all now in office — have blood on their hands.

To be clear, I support responsible gun ownership. I have owned guns since I was in my teens and continue to do so. But the NRA’s campaign to convince a gullible audience that sensible gun laws undermine the 2nd Amendment and are un-American is not just wrong; it is criminal. The $55 million they spent on the 2016 election is blood money in the truest sense.

With over 300 million guns in this country, there are no easy answers, and such tragedies are almost certain to be repeated. But there are well-known and workable ways to reduce that likelihood. Those ways most certainly do not include giving more people guns. Only when a tidal wave of people stand up and scream “Enough!” will we begin to move toward sanity and a time when parents can send their children to school with confidence that they will safely return home at night.

If you have had enough, what will you do to make a difference?

Jim Hardy

Pisgah Forest


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