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Questionable Cabinet


March 5, 2018

According to a frequent letter writer, “things under the Trump administration, just keep getting better.” I say, maybe if you are a fan of the stock market and, paradoxically for Republicans, trillions more in national debt. A quick look at members of the president’s cabinet indicate that those stock market gains come at a high price.

Speaking of price: Tom Price, secretary of health, a private practice orthopedic surgeon who might capably replace your knee but had no background in public health. He had to quit because of too many expensive plane trips.

Rick Perry, secretary of energy: He replaced a Ph.D. nuclear physicist. During the primary, Perry wanted to replace the Department of Energy. He now heads it! He wanted to replace others but could not remember their names.

Secretary of Housing Dr. Ben Carson: What could he know about housing? In fact, what kind of a doctor was he? I have never heard of another nurse or doctor complimenting his medical expertise. Seriously, please let me know if you find one. He recently charged us, the taxpayer, $31,000 for a dining set.

Secretary of EPA Scott Pruitt: This fellow sued the EPA over his own polluting before he got this job.

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke: He is from Whitefish, Mont. and was recently involved in a multi-million-dollar deal to provide electricity to Puerto Rico by a three-man “firm” in Whitefish. The contract was rescinded when it was obvious that this was political. In addition, a recent New York Times article noted how he posed as an “outdoor guy,” but, for example, his fly reel was on backward. Personally, I know him to have no idea whatsoever about the major environmental problem in Florida.

Secretary of Education Betsy Devos: This woman’s interest is in private schools and vouchers. Public schools are on the backburner. Her history is indicative of this.

Yes, this is not all of them. I do like Haley at the U.N. But, most of all, I like Rex Tillerson, secretary of state. He showed his knowledge when he called the president a moron.

Gerald T. Kilpatrick M.D.



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