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Fix Ongoing Immigration Crisis


April 12, 2018

I have some experiences with the immigration problem, both legal and illegal. Years ago I was part owner of a 40-acre wholesale nursery. To work the farm, we hired migrant workers who came from Ireland. They came in the spring time and went back to Ireland in the late fall. We had no H2-A program at the time and the Irish entered our country legally with visas.

More recently, my daughter, who lives in New York, had her neck broken in a head-on collision with a truck that was driven by an unlicensed, undocumented Hispanic woman. The woman made an illegal turn and was driving on the wrong side of the road when she struck my daughter’s car head on. Fortunately, my daughter did recover for the most part after a long and difficult rehab. The woman driving the truck was merely issued a violation resulting in a small fine. The names of the other people in the truck were redacted from the police report, which was filed by an officer of Hispanic descent. The owner of the truck, which was registered in North Carolina, carried minimal liability coverage and my daughter was barely able to pay for her medical expenses through no fault insurance.

The article in The Transylvania Times’ April 2 edition tells a heart rending story of undocumented immigrants and their journey to a better life. Doubtlessly, there is many a sad story associated with the problem of people crossing our borders illegally, but we can’t be sanctuary for the whole world.

I realize that America’s farm industry needs farm workers, especially since there is a shortage of Americans willing to do such labor-intensive work. But because of lax law enforcement we now have the problem of drug trafficking and gang violence as this “little legal detail” has been ignored.

This issue can’t become a political football. Hopefully, Trump will take the strong, albeit unpopular, actions to fix this ongoing crisis.

Joseph Gerardi, Brevard


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