The Land of Waterfalls Camera Club will kick off its new photographic year with a review of “The Best Images of 2021” at 7 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 20, via Zoom. The visual presentation will be complemented by an original score of special guitar music composed and performed by local artist Bruce Siulinski.

During the past year club members were challenged to create and submit photo art according to assigned themes: weather, entryways, family and still life, according to a news release. There was also a special before-and-after challenge for members to take the images of others and express them with their own unique interpretations.

The photographers were encouraged to use their own interpretations of weather scenes and effects; sunny skies, moody days, dramatic cloud formations, rain drops, snow forms, storms or just make images that would impress the viewer. Their captured images will inspire and entertain viewers.

The creativity of capturing entryways was evident because of the artists choose subjects such as the wet action-packed entrance to a white water rapids waterfall, a carved stone crevice leading to historic Petra and step stairways providing access to a snow covered monastery in the mountains. There are warm inviting decorations at front doors and radiant tropical approaches to sunsets on the beach.

The entries in the family category were not the typical cute baby snapshots from their grandparents’ wallets but creative images that celebrated the family mystique. The informal “portraits” show the dynamics and tenderness of the family interactions. The works displayed are not limited to humans but include unique views of animal relationships, polar bears to giraffes.

Creative lighting and attention to fine composition were the forefront in the still life category. Many images adhered to traditional still life themes but there are amble examples of contemporary influences in the presentations. Still life art work has been around for centuries, but contemporary photo artists contribute a fresh view of the art style.

The chance to work on images by other artists is an interesting opportunity to improve or revise the vision of the original photographic image. Local members worked to take the work of others and express it with their vision. The results of the before-and-after challenge will be presented. It clearly demonstrates that vision is in the eye of the beholder.

Stepping outside the confines of established themes the members also submitted their best shots of the year. With no restrictions these contributions offer the viewer a very wide selection of creative and moving images.

Because this open-to-the-public monthly meeting is live on-line with Zoom, club members and guests are encouraged to sign in at least 10 minutes early (6:50 p.m.). Non-member guests are welcome to go to for invitation and access information at least a day prior to the meeting.

The Land of Waterfalls Camera Club is open to all levels of photographers from beginners to experienced professionals. To offer more focused forums for participatory learning and sharing the club features two Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The Capture SIG concentrates on how to take the best picture and meets at 7 p.m. via Zoom on the third Monday of the month. The Post Processing SIG explores the developing/control of the digital image into the final photograph and meets via Zoom at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of the month.

Addition information is available on the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club website and monthly newsletter at

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