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Everyday Education: What Happens When The Whole World Stops?

I had been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to write the May educational article for The Transylvania Times about the amazing journey that Davidson River School (DRS) is taking to become a Trauma Skilled Certified School. I... — Updated 5/18/2020


Working To Help Children In Need Of Hope

Imagine trying to navigate your world at 16 when your mother has moved to a neighboring county to live with her boyfriend. Or having to maintain a relationship just so you have somewhere warm to sleep at night. Imagine having to... — Updated 12/23/2019


Everyday Education: Everyone Has A Story And Each Is Different

Imagine a 14-year-old or 15-year-old who isn’t exactly sure where they will live or where their next meal will come from. Imagine a student whose parents are alcoholics or use illegal substances and who struggle to provide basic... — Updated 4/8/2019


Everyday Education: Leadership And Innovation Recognized Statewide

There's a saying in education: You don't prepare students for your past; you prepare them for their future. It's a daunting goal, one that Transylvania County Schools... — Updated 1/15/2018


Everyday Education: Could You Be A Transylvania County Hero?

Volumes have been written about the problems that exist in reading instruction in American public schools. In more than three decades, my fascination and involvement with reading instruction has led me to believe three things conce... — Updated 1/8/2018


Possibilities, Expectations And Inspiration

The other evening I was scanning for something to watch on TV and came across “The Ron Clark Story.” It’s that time of year when I need just a small dose of inspiration to get through the end of May, so I grabbed some... — Updated 5/16/2016


Students Need 'True Grit' To Succeed In Life

In the 1969 version of the movie, “True Grit,” 14-year-old Mattie Ross (played by Kim Darby) looks up at the irascible Rooster Cogburn (played by John Wayne) and says, “They tell me you are a man with true grit,” as she... — Updated 3/14/2016


Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Thomas Jefferson penned the words, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” “An educated citizenry” results from a vitally important group of dedicated individuals called teachers.... — Updated 1/11/2016


Automaticity Frees Mind To Learn New Concepts

1 times 1 equals _____? 2 times 2 equals _____? 9 times 9 equals _____? Is the sound of “a” in “have” a “short a” or a “long a?” If you just “knew” the answers to these simple questions, chances are good that... — Updated 11/9/2015


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