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Everyday Education: How Are The Children? How Are Their Teachers?

In her 2016 book, “Educating African-American Students: And How are the Children,” educator Gloria Boutte, relates the standard greeting used among the Masai people of Kenya. Instead of the typical, “Hello, How are you?,... — Updated 4/22/2019


Everyday Education: Balancing Career Goals And Liberal Arts

Part of teaching at a small liberal arts college like Brevard College is advising young people about their academic and career goals and about fulfilling their potential for living a good life. Though personalized and... — Updated 9/24/2018


Teachers: Why They Teach And Why They March

Every year Brevard College graduates between eight and 15 teachers, fully prepared and licensed, and ready to begin the teaching profession. They have worked hard for this moment.... — Updated 5/21/2018


Everyday Education: Dreamers, DACA And Everyday Education

Before 2013 when I met Julia*, one of the most intelligent and hard-working students in my “21st Century Teacher and Learner” course, I had never heard the acronym DACA (Deferred Action for Children Arrivals) or met a Dreamer,... — Updated 1/29/2018


Everyday Education: Forests And Parks, Our Partners In Education

By Betsy Burrows Every Sunday afternoon from one to three o’clock, three Brevard College students training in music education can be found in the art room at Schenck Job Corps teaching music to interested Job Corps students.... — Updated 11/20/2017


Everyday Education: Legislative Action At Odds With Public's Wishes

Two education reports about education ended up in my inbox this week side by side. The first was a report on the results of the 49th PDK/Gallup Poll, a well well-respected national survey offering key insights into public opinion o... — Updated 9/18/2017


Everyday Education: Passing The Torch: Advice To New Educators From Transylvania's Teachers Of The Year

Teaching is not a good career choice. What do you think? At the end of the semester in May, a Brevard College freshman walked into my office and said, "I think I want to be a... — Updated 6/5/2017


Everyday Education: Private School Vouchers And Re-Segregation

By Betsy Burrows One of my most memorable teachers was Helen Hall: Ms. Hall was my seventh-grade teacher at Lenoir Junior High School. She was the most intelligent teacher I had ever met, the teacher who introduced me to Victor... — Updated 4/3/2017


Preparing Students For Democratic Citizenship

More so than other elections, the recent presidential election has seen the country warring with itself with some of the most striking differences in opinion relating to questions about diversity: What does it mean to be American?... — Updated 12/5/2016


Never Stop Learning: Go Back To Class

One of my favorite education professors is convinced that formal education should not begin for most people until the age of 30. He argues that the average individual in our modern American culture does not have the experiences... — Updated 9/26/2016


Arts Integration For Students And Schools

Last week, Brevard College teacher candidates and classroom teachers and educators in western North Carolina met with teachers from the A+ Schools Program of the North Carolina... — Updated 4/18/2016


Classroom And Dinner Tables: Creating Safe Places To Teach Civil Discourse

As parents and teachers, we are educating young people who are growing up struggling to balance media’s amazing ability to connect, inform, and motivate individuals with this same media’s proclivity for dist... — Updated 2/15/2016


Embracing Diversity In Public Schools

As I walked into Rosman Middle School last week, I noticed a large poster on the wall with the following words: “We don’t all have to be the same, think the same, believe the same. But we do have to respect differences and prot... — Updated 12/14/2015


Qualities Of Good Teaching

During the past month, I have had the privilege of taking Brevard College’s teacher candidates to visit schools throughout western North Carolina. My students and I witnessed some wonderful teaching and learning happening in our... — Updated 10/19/2015


Everyday Education: Having The Courage To Teach

I am always delighted at our Teacher Education Program interviews when students say, “I have always wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten.” They then talk about their memories of those first magical years of schools:... — Updated 5/25/2015


Relationships, Relevance, And Rigor At Rise & Shine

What makes a good teacher? What do good teachers do to create strong learning environments? These are the questions my students and I ask ourselves daily as we research and observe... — Updated 3/9/2015


Embracing Strength In Diversity

As Alice Wellborn ended the year with her “Everyday Education” column on emphasizing the unique strengths of our children and students, I would like to ring in the New Year with an extension of her thoughts. Providing our... — Updated 1/5/2015


Let's Go On A Field Trip

My favorite memories of being both student and teacher are field trips. The first time I visited an art museum was on an elementary school trip; the first time I picked up a... — Updated 11/10/2014


Be A Savvy Parent: Go Ask Alice Wellborn

Of all the classes I teach, I probably learn the most from our weekly student teaching seminar. The student teachers bring their experiences to share with each other as we critically reflect on their teaching and learning in our... — Updated 10/20/2014


Graduates And Gratitude

To graduate means to step away and last Saturday Brevard College’s Teacher Education Program graduated nine new teachers who are stepping away from the nurturing of their small college to the larger world of teaching in our... — Updated 5/12/2014 Full story


The Teaching Profession In This New Year

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection, a time to face our fears about the uncertainty of the future, and a time to articulate our dreams and wishes for the upcoming year. Reflection is a practice the teaching profess... — Updated 1/6/2014 Full story


Educating Holistically

In her last Everyday Education column, school psychologist Alice Wellborn explained that school rules help prepare students for future roles in the workplace and society. She encouraged parents to help their children understand... — Updated 11/11/2013 Full story


Why Do Teachers Leave Their Profession?

ago, all the directors of teacher education programs in North Carolina received this question through email from our N.C. State Board of Education members: “Why are your graduates with teaching licenses not going into... — Updated 8/26/2013 Full story


Comparing House/Senate Education Budgets

The N.C. House and the N.C. House will meet in conference to “iron out the differences” and create a final budget. The following are a sampling of the educational proposals from both the Senate and the House Budgets. In the... — Updated 7/22/2013 Full story


Are We Becoming Like The City Of Chicago?

Standard Two of the North Carolina Profess-ional Teaching Standards states that “Teachers establish a respectful environ-ment for a diverse population of students.” The importance of this standard should not be underestimated... — Updated 5/27/2013 Full story


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