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 By Corey Gafnea    Education

SAFE Teaches Students Healthy Relationships

We may remember our high school sweetheart fondly, including fun times that involved double dating with friends and spending Friday nights under the lights. On the other hand, maybe we were the ones with the relationships that... — Updated 11/18/2019

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Smaller Class Sizes In K-3. What Could Go Wrong?

It has been shown that smaller class sizes benefit students of all ages and they are especially advantageous to the youngest students, those in kindergarten through third grade. This is particularly true for lower income students... — Updated 5/8/2017

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Setting Goals With Our Youth

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” ― Melody Beattie Oftentimes we make New Years’ resolutions and say things like, “This will b... — Updated 1/4/2017

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Community-Based Service Learning At BMS

The experiences we have in middle school are often the ones we remember long after they take place. At Brevard Middle School, English teachers Renee Pagano and Daniel Sprinkle certainly hope that the experiences they ask their... — Updated 10/24/2016

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Fostering A Life-Long Love of Learning

School started this week. It’s an exciting time for students, parents and teachers. Collectively we all want our children to do their best, complete their homework and learn all they can in order to succeed in school and beyond.... — Updated 8/29/2016

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Our Children Need To Go Outside And Play

“Go play outside and don’t come home until I call you for dinner.” If you were a child in the sixties or seventies, I imagine this was one of the most common phrases overheard in the endless summers of our youth. Whether... — Updated 6/6/2016

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Encouraging Boys To Become Better Readers

Boys who struggle with reading and literacy often struggle both in school and later in work life. Boys are lagging behind girls in school and have been for quite some time. More girls are graduating from high school and earning col... — Updated 4/4/2016

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Everyday Education–Teaching The Grit And Growth Mindset

For many years a predictor of how well one would do in school and later in a career was thought to be determined by a person’s intelligence. This was considered to be a fixed trait, often based on IQ scores and how quickly and... — Updated 9/21/2015

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Summertime Learning Loss

School is out! As parents we often celebrate the end of the school year along with the start of summer. It’s nice to let the kids stay up late at night and sleep in the morning. It’s really nice to have more time to play... — Updated 6/15/2015

 By Corey Gafnea    Education

Creativity In The Classroom

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks that the fastest weeks in the school year must be those that follow spring break. As we head to the spring months, there seems to be a big emphasis on getting everyone ready for the end of... — Updated 4/13/2015


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