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You Decide: Are We In For A Strong Economic Recovery?

My best friend at N.C. State University was a physicist. We had much in common. We were both transplants from the North. Our spouses taught elementary school. We were passionate baseball fans. He grew up in New England, so he... — Updated 6/22/2020


You Decide: Can We Truly Have Both Health And Wealth?

In the five previous recessions I’ve lived through as a professional economist, the government did everything it could to encourage consumers to buy and businesses to sell. The more consumers bought and the more that businesses... — Updated 6/17/2020


Will We Regret The Rescues From The Crisis?

The coronavirus crisis continues to be “the” story of our day. Few events have hit our lives and our economy with such force. We anxiously watch the daily data on cases and deaths, hoping to see the curves finally turn... — Updated 5/13/2020


You Decide: How Does The Future Impact The Stock Market?

The world has been shocked by the coronavirus outbreak. One part of the economy clearly impacted has been the stock market. The stock market is now in – what experts term – a “bear market,” meaning losses from the last... — Updated 5/11/2020


You Decide: Can Economics Help With Basic Decisions?

Economics sometimes suffers from a bad image. Economists are famous for disagreeing over public policies. Economics has its own language which is almost impenetrable for those without a degree in the “dismal science.” And... — Updated 4/8/2019


Should We Pay Amazon To Come To North Carolina?

The “final 4” is over; now it’s time for the “final 20.” What sport is this, you say? It’s for the “Amazon Cup” – the 50,000 job, multi-billion dollar investment for the cyber retail giant’s second... — Updated 5/14/2018


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