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 By Jimmy Harris    Opinion

Remember That Hope Is A Good Thing

As your mayor, now is the time for leaders to offer hope. As Andy Dufresne in the movie, “Shawshank Redemption” said to his friend, “Red,” in a letter, “Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things, and a good thing ne... — Updated 11/23/2020

 By Jimmy Harris    Opinion

Guest Column: Don't Stop Giving To Others

I have heard of many great acts of support, compassion and genuine care during this difficult time we all try to listen, learn and act on news concerning the COVID-19 virus that is affecting everyone. From the people who are at... — Updated 4/15/2020


Brevard's Best Days Are Still Ahead Of Us

Many of you have heard that “if you are standing still then, in fact, you are getting passed up.” I believe that is true in many respects and certainly true if you are talking about the progress of our community. The... — Updated 11/12/2018

 By Jimmy Harris    Opinion

City Proud To Replicate Old Railroad Depot - Brevard NC

At the Sept. 17, 2018 meeting of the Brevard City Council, a decision to proceed with the replication of the historic Railroad Depot was made after a presentation and discussion took place. For many, this is the news that has been... — Updated 9/24/2018


Guest Column: Progress Made On The Railroad Depot Project - Brevard, NC

I am excited, and many of you are too, that the old Railroad Depot is going to be recreated and relocated on Railroad Avenue. Several weeks ago, before Christmas, Greg Frady and I visited my good friend, Tim Hall, where he shared... — Updated 2/21/2018


Building A Bridge Between Two Transylvanias - Brevard, NC

My recent visit to Romania, in the region of Transylvania, allowed me to discover that many of the same issues facing our community, Brevard, are the issues that my new friends in... — Updated 5/8/2017

 By Jimmy Harris    Opinion

Why Widening Caldwell Street Makes Sense

I learned in my early years of service as Mayor that some issues are very emotional, and transportation is one of them! Transportation entails not only the method of how we start out and arrive, but how we connect to one another,... — Updated 10/5/2015

 By Jimmy Harris    Opinion

City Utility System Is The Key To Our Future

I recently had a fellow resident ask me about the amount of money the city of Brevard has spent on infrastructure over my 15 year tenure as mayor. After just a moment of organizing my thoughts I realized that you can’t “see... — Updated 9/14/2015

 By Jimmy Harris    Features

Israel Is Truly A ‘Land Of Milk And Honey’

Some things are just untimely and so was the case when my tour to Israel was scheduled last spring to begin Nov. 26. Last April, when my tour with my parents was booked, all seemed... — Updated 12/17/2012


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