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 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

Biologist Weighs In On Outdoor Policy News

Several months ago I wrote a piece about how the Forest Service and the Trump Administration were proposing dangerous changes to how the Forest Service interprets the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Well, on January 10,... — Updated 3/2/2020

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

Biologist Looks Back at County's Decade in Conservation

With the 2010's wrapping up, you're going to see lots of "best of the decade" lists. This is probably the only one you will see for conservation achievements in Transylvania... — Updated 12/17/2019

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

Protect Trees And They Will Return The Favor – Transylvania County, NC

The forests of southern Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the world's great restoration stories. In the 1880s over 80 percent of our region was forested, but by the 1940s that number... — Updated 8/26/2019

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

Local Biologist Questions New USFS Proposal-Pisgah National Forest

On June 13 the Trump Administration and the U.S. Forest Service released a proposal to "streamline" environmental analysis on national forests and grasslands. The National... — Updated 7/8/2019

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

MountainTrue Seeks To Map Whirling Disease With Innovative Technology

Whirling disease (Myxobolis cerebralis) is a parasite in the same phylum as jellyfish and is native to Eurasia. Whirling disease became infamous in North America after it harmed som... — Updated 2/11/2019

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

The Environment Is Collateral Damage In Global Economics

This has been a year of bad news when it comes to invasive species, and, unfortunately, that seems familiar now. After losing most of our hemlocks to hemlock woolly adelgid in the... — Updated 7/30/2018

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

The Unique Flora, Fauna Of The Southern Blue Ridge

Geographers call the fantastic area where we live the Southern Blue Ridge. The Southern Blue Ridge is narrow near its northern terminus at Roanoke, Va., but broader southwards, and... — Updated 4/16/2018

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

Concerns Over Courthouse Project Well Founded

There is a spectrum of beliefs in our society about forests. On one end of the spectrum is the belief that without human intervention forests deteriorate and that all forests need... — Updated 11/20/2017

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

As Emerald Ash Borer Spreads In North Carolina, A Call Goes Out For Landowners To Help Save Trees

Western North Carolina has been hit hard by exotic tree pests and diseases. We all know the story of chestnut blight that wiped out the most numerous and important tree in our... — Updated 6/19/2017

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

It's Firefly Season: Enjoy Nature's Lightshow Responsibly - Brevard, NC

Do you ever feel like you have lost the enchantment you had for life when you were a child? Do you ever long for proof that you live in a benign and beautiful world where miracles... — Updated 5/8/2017

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

A Glimpse Of Restoration Work In Tusquitee Ranger District

In August 2016, the U.S. forest service released its decision for the Brushy Flats Project in the Tusquitee Ranger District. It will include a combination of timber harvesting and fire, and that’s a very good thing. While this... — Updated 3/27/2017

 By Josh Kelly    Outdoors

Guest Column: Public Land Is A Priceless Legacy

Many Americans are concerned about the fate of our national forests, national parks, and wildlife refuges. Thanks to this paper's coverage and an excellent letter to the editor by... — Updated 2/6/2017


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