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Everyday Education: Current Grading System Deserves Grade Of E

Grades are one of the most common things that come to mind when we think about education, but they are a relatively new part of school. The President of Yale, Ezra Stiles, began using the four-point scale we so commonly see today... — Updated 4/14/2020

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Regrettable Demise Of Graduation Project

“Was that a hovercraft that just went by the window?” “I never thought I would learn to play metal music on the mandolin.” “My nephew absolutely loves the treehouse I built for him.” “I hate this project.” Over the... — Updated 10/14/2019

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: Fighting For Fair Funding For The Future

It’s just not fair. Well, life is not fair. How many times have we heard this exchange? I would bet many times. In fact, we’ve heard it so much we don’t acknowledge it for what it really is: generally, an inaccurate clich... — Updated 4/29/2019

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: Implementing Discipline Programs That Work

In his commencement address at Kenyon University, “This Is Water,” David Foster Wallace suggests fish do not understand the concept of water because they have been immersed in it since they were born and have failed to notice... — Updated 2/25/2019

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: Non-Core Classes Enhance Multiple Skills

The Christmas concert. The presentation of the colors at the football games. The marching band at halftime. The art shows. The yearbook. The musical. All these products are created by students at Brevard High School, and I could ke... — Updated 12/17/2018

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: This Old School Needs Some Extensive Work

I’m sure at least some of you have tuned in to the Public Television show “This Old House” at some time or another. Basically, it’s a show that follows a group of handymen as they rehab old houses. As is often the case,... — Updated 10/8/2018

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: Out Of The Cave And Into The Classroom

In my last article, “Kids These Days,” I discussed the difficulties young people face these days regarding the constant bombardment of information and influence coming from their phones. I also suggested they need some way to... — Updated 6/11/2018

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: Kids These Days

By Josh Tinsley We often hear people say things like, “Kids these days just [insert negative observation about today’s children].” These statements are true on the surface, but they are also shortsighted. Youth these days... — Updated 4/16/2018

 By Josh Tinsley    Education

Everyday Education: Engage Students In And Out Of The Classroom

Stay in school. Say it out loud. Say it in a variety of tones and contexts. Say it 100,000 times. Teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators and most parents drill this mantra into students from at least kindergarten... — Updated 2/19/2018


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