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 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Why Representative Democracy Is Best Option

Over the last few years, the health of American democracy has come under great scrutiny. Polling routinely shows that Americans are concerned that democratic institutions aren’t working as well as they ought to. Inevitably, this... — Updated 6/3/2020

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Congress Should Be Where 'The People Govern'

In one of the U.S. Capitol hallways that House members pass through regularly to get to the chambers, there’s an inscription of a comment by Alexander Hamilton. It comes from his 1788 remarks to the New York convention on... — Updated 3/16/2020

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Get Involved

Back in 1883, Teddy Roosevelt wrote an essay on what it takes to be a true American citizen. He did not mince words. “The people who say that they have not time to attend to politics are simply saying that they are unfit to live... — Updated 7/18/2018

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Guest Column: Congress Tanks - But Do Its Members Care?

We’re at a watershed moment in American political history. Our Congress — I’m talking about the people’s body, the institution created by our founders, and not just the men and women who currently inhabit it — is in deep... — Updated 3/19/2018

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Guest Column: Balancing Out The Lobbyists

One of the quirks of life in Washington, D.C., is that pretty much the only people who don’t refer to lobbyists by that name are, well, lobbyists. They’re “policy advisors,” or “strategic counsel,” or “public... — Updated 12/6/2017

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Guest Column: It's What We Do That Counts

I’ve been reminded recently of the old cowboy song, “Home on the Range.” You know the line, “Where never is heard a discouraging word”? That is not the United States right now. It feels like pretty much everywhere I... — Updated 10/11/2017

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Guest Column: Election Reform Is About More Than Fraud

A dozen years ago, the preface to a report on federal election reform began with these words: “Polls indicate that many Americans lack confidence in the electoral system, but the political parties are so divided that serious... — Updated 10/2/2017

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion

Guest Column: Why Support Bipartisanship?

Back in March, two young members of Congress from Texas, Beto O’Rourke and Will Hurd, became brief Internet celebrities. Unable to fly back to Washington because of a snowstorm, the two hit the road together, tweeting and... — Updated 9/27/2017


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