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 By Matt McGregor    News

County Census Numbers Lagging-Brevard NC

In an effort to boost county response rate numbers for the 2020 Census in Transylvania County, local advocate Carol Gardner is campaigning in her community, Balsam Grove, to complete the decennial survey. There are several new... — Updated 6/24/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

Pisgah Paws Cat Café Loses Animal Shelter Certificate-Brevard NC

On June 15, the Veterinary Division of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDACS) issued a “Notice of Revocation of Animal Shelter Certificate of Registration” to Pisgah Paws Cat Café and Emporium. The n... — Updated 6/22/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

City To Vote On Budget At Special Meeting-Brevard NC

Last week Brevard City Council heard five special presentations, including the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget, which will be voted on during a special meeting on Monday, June 29. As well as the annual budget, which goes into effect... — Updated 6/22/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

HCA Deeds Land To City For Proposed Dog Park-Brevard NC

HCA (Hospital Corporations of America), which owns Transylvania Regional Hospital, has agreed to deed land owned by HCA to the city for the use of a 2.7-acre dog park at the end of... — Updated 6/17/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

Group Wants Dogs 'Almost Home' -Brevard NC

Seeing a dog like 4-month-old Samson transform from a terrified animal cowering in the back of a dark kennel to a free-running, happy and loved firehouse dog in Greenville, S.C.,... — Updated 6/15/2020

 By Matt McGregor    Features

County To Return To The Drive-In World Saturday - Brevard NC

The drive-in movie theater began with the Theatre De Gaudalupe in Las Cruces, N.M., in 1915, where the short, silent film "Bags of Gold" was shown. Though it only lasted a year,... — Updated 5/27/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Hunger Coalition Promotes Healthy Eating - Brevard NC

The Hunger Coalition of Transylvania County non-profit organization emerged to fill the gaps with healthier, plant-based food staples in the battle to combat hunger. Currently, the... — Updated 5/25/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

Dinkins Unhappy At City Response To Virus-Brevard NC

The city of Brevard’s response time to COVID-19 was called into question, with more frequent meetings suggested, at Monday’s City Council meeting. In closing remarks, Councilwoman Geraldine Dinkins said she felt like the city... — Updated 5/20/2020

 By Matt McGregor    Arts

Frank Mileti's Life: The Sound Of A Saxophone

If there were a constant in Frank Mileti's life, it has been music. Amid changes of scene, occupation, and heart, he has retained the friend and obsession that has kept him afloat... — Updated 5/19/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

Dollar General Opposition Lawsuit Moving Forward -Brevard NC

The South Carolina Environmental Law Project (SCELP) is moving forward with a lawsuit claiming the construction of the Dollar General on U.S. 276 is a violation of the Endangered... — Updated 5/13/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Retail Reopens Gradually In Phase One -Brevard NC

As a part of Gov. Roy Cooper's Executive Order 138, which eases restrictions on travel, business operations and mass gatherings, small, privately owned retail businesses were... — Updated 5/13/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Lockdown Won't Stop Missionaries-Brevard NC

Service work continues for an American missionary on lockdown in Bolivia and a Pakistani pastor stuck in Transylvania County. Both Eden Johnson and Akbar Masih work through Anchor... — Updated 5/6/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

City Donates To Relief Fund - Brevard NC

Brevard City Council voted to donate $5,000 to the Transylvania Tomorrow emergency relief fund, a grant program initiative to assist the county’s small businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19. The fund has received roughly... — Updated 5/4/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

Council Split On Skate Park -Brevard NC

Brevard City Council voted 3 to 2 against a motion to amend the 2018 Skate Park resolution that would have allowed the Tannery Park Skate Park Task Force to hire outside help to... — Updated 5/4/2020

 By Matt McGregor    News

Letter Threatens Lawsuit Over Dollar General Store-Brevard NC

The construction of the Dollar General on U.S. 276 is alleged to threaten an endangered species, the Elktoe Mussel, which is a violation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA),... — Updated 4/27/2020

 By Matt McGregor    Features

Ann DerGara Named 'Main Street Champion'- Brevard NC

Amid economic hardship in Transylvania in the early 2000s due to the loss of the county's manufacturing industry, internationally recognized artist Ann DerGara, owner of Red Wolf... — Updated 4/24/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

COVID-19 Impact Sees Census Moved To Online -Brevard NC

The U.S. Census Bureau commenced its decennial survey of the population in March, but its field operations have been halted, deadlines extended and method of response has been moved online due to COVID-19. “We sent out initial... — Updated 4/20/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Rooster Head Folks Feeding The Hungry

Jacqui Edens at Rooster Head Plantation, off Old Hendersonville Highway, has been hustling to keep local kids fed as financial hardship persists for many parents. "You can throw a... — Updated 4/15/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Summer Camps Hoping To Open- Brevard NC

With summer camp season arriving in June, camps are planning to open but have a wait-and-see approach to the constantly changing situation regarding COVID-19. "Overall, I would say... — Updated 4/8/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Closed Lobbies Not Stopping Local Banks -Brevard NC

Though drive-thru services, automated teller machines, online banking, regular hours and more complex banking transactions through special appointment remain accessible, lobbies have closed in each bank throughout Transylvania... — Updated 4/8/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Homeless Sanctuary Sought - Brevard NC

Foreseeing the unsheltered population increasing because of unemployment, Emily Lowery, executive director of The Haven, wants to create a sanctuary, with amenities, such as hand-wa... — Updated 4/7/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Virtual Meetings Becoming The Norm For Some

Maintaining a human connection is vital medicine for many in support groups and therapy, however, the once restorative interaction with others, now hazardous, has become replaced with virtual meetings and counseling sessions. “Co... — Updated 4/2/2020

 By Matt McGregor    Features

Seniors Stay Connected, Sing And Play Games

From their balconies, patios and driveways, residents of College Walk, the retirement community in Brevard, came out to sing together on Friday in a ritual of connecting, a... — Updated 3/30/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Church Congregations Adjust To Virus Restrictions-Brevard NC

Despite the quarantined congregations, local churches persist in faith and deed within the belly of the coronavirus whale now that it has arrived in Transylvania County. While some... — Updated 3/30/2020

 By Matt McGregor    COVID-19

Toilet Paper Wiped From Local Grocery Shelves – Brevard NC

Finding a raided toilet paper aisle in the grocery store has become the new normal for many people's shopping experience, though it doesn't actually address the Centers for Disease... — Updated 3/20/2020


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