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Everyday Education: The Difference Between Knowledge And Know-How - Brevard, NC

By Meredith Licht Which is more important: knowing things or knowing how to do things? Most people would agree that it does not matter how much you know; what matters is knowing how to do something. We, as a society, tend to value... — Updated 5/1/2017


Sleep Deprivation Takes Toll On Students

What does it take to be a top-performing high school student? To start, excellent grades in honors and advanced placement courses. Add to the list lots of extracurricular activities demonstrating not only a long-term commitment... — Updated 12/19/2016


The Diverse Classroom As A Community Model

Looking at my students, I do not see much diversity at first glance. Transylvania County is not known for racial diversity. Below the surface, my students represent the underlying diversity of our community, and they bring into... — Updated 4/25/2016


The Power Of 'Yet' For Our Children

“Cain’t never could.” “Attitude is everything.” We have all heard these pearls of wisdom before, likely from a parent, teacher, or boss. I always believed them to be true, but years of research by Stanford University... — Updated 2/22/2016


How Can We Outsmart The Internet?

Is Google making us stupid? Author Nicholas Carr asked that question in an article of the same name published in The Atlantic in 2008. So, is it? Is Google making us dumber? The answer is a little more complex than a simple yes or... — Updated 12/21/2015


The Teacher's Apprentice: A New Training Model

Imagine you need routine surgery. You are given a choice between two doctors. The first is new and has never performed the surgery. The second doctor has 10 years of experience with this particular surgery. In such a situation, the... — Updated 10/26/2015


Designing A Better Curriculum For All Learners

I love our county library. When summer rolls around, you’ll find me there once a week, my arms laden with books to return, ready for more. I also love the way our library is designed. All I have to do is bump the automatic... — Updated 6/1/2015


An Unconventional Conventional Education

I recently read a comparison of “conventional” and “holistic” educational environments. This list, published by a local private school, left me confused. The description of conventional schools it provided does not reflect... — Updated 3/30/2015


Report Cards Fail To Show Big Picture

Schools recently issued report cards for students. Imagine your student handing you his report card and seeing he has a “D” in history. You have seen his homework and tests returned with “B’s” and “C’s” and know he... — Updated 11/17/2014


It's Time To Redefine 'Fun' For Our Children

“This is boring.” Many a teacher has heard frustrated students utter these words or the related phrase, “This is dumb.” Good teachers recognize this as a signal indicating students are having trouble with the task at hand.... — Updated 9/15/2014


Controlled Chaos: Project Based Learning

If someone walked into my sophomore English classroom the week before spring break, they might have questioned my classroom management. They would have seen students sitting in groups, talking and gesticulating wildly, coming and g... — Updated 3/31/2014 Full story


What Are We Testing?

I’m not photogenic. I never have been. I don’t expect much when I get my school pictures back after picture day. But what I saw in my packet of proofs was alarming. The fine folks who take our school portraits gave faculty sign... — Updated 1/27/2014 Full story


Students Speak Out For Education, Future

More than 100 Brevard High students engaged in a real life civics lesson Monday, Nov. 4, when they, along with schools across the state, participated in a Walk-In protesting the N.C. General Assembly’s cuts to the education... — Updated 11/25/2013 Full story


Teachers And Students Are Seeing Red

Many North Carolina students and educators are seeing red. Every Wednesday, educators throughout the state are wearing red to show support for public education and to protest the N.C. General Assembly’s recent attacks on public... — Updated 9/30/2013 Full story


Moral Monday A Moral Imperative

It’s been a difficult summer. Usually, summers, at least in our two-teacher household, have been a time to relax, get out and hike and swim with our children, catch up on reading and enjoy friends and family. We’ve done those... — Updated 8/5/2013 Full story


Time For 'Bond, School Bond,' To Help Us

It’s budget season in Transylvania County, and that means my husband is putting in overtime. Now that the school board is meeting twice a month, I am gone more often and he is the one cooking, washing up, and supervising... — Updated 4/15/2013 Full story


Making The Grade

“Ralphie gets an A plus plus!” These words, heard in the classic movie “A Christmas Story,” are not something any student of mine will ever hear. That may seem harsh, but an A plus plus does not exist in my grading philosop... — Updated 2/11/2013


Senior Projects: I’m A Believer

As we get close to the end of another semester, I find my students more and more ornery, tired and frustrated as they are in the final throes of their senior projects. More than once I am asked why we, the school system and... — Updated 12/10/2012


A Great New Adventure

This year Brevard High School follows Rosman High in a new great educational adventure: one to one (1:1) computing. Every student at the high school has been assigned a Chromebook, a personal laptop that operates from web-based... — Updated 10/8/2012


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