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 By Paul Morgan    Sports

Hamilton Continues To Build Football Program At BC

Brevard College Head Football Coach Paul Hamilton comes across as an intense, competitive, focused guy with two overriding goals: the first is to see his players graduate, the secon... — Updated 3/26/2012

 By Paul Morgan    Sports

Tornados Promise ‘Hairy End’ To Tusculum Contest

Remember your anxious teenage years? Remember the never-ending concern about your appearance, especially your hair? Remember trying to be as cool as possible, hoping that no one noticed your fastidious facade? While those days have... — Updated 3/21/2012

 By Paul Morgan    Sports

BC’s Church Rebuilding His Football Dreams

Christmas is coming, and for one Brevard College football player, there’s only one gift on his radar screen. He wants a sound pair of legs and one more shot at the game he loves... — Updated 12/19/2011

 By Paul Morgan    Sports

Tornados’ Gmitroski Travels From B.C. To BC

Taryn Gmitroski is one lucky 18-year-old. She grew up in one of the most beautiful spots in North America, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. And now, she’s turned up in equally... — Updated 11/28/2011

 By Paul Morgan    Features

Accident Won’t Keep Bree McMahon Down

How do you measure the success of a sports season? The traditional yardstick, of course, involves looking at wins and losses. And, by that time-honored measure, the Brevard College... — Updated 11/16/2011

 By Paul Morgan    Sports

Tornado Soccer Boasts International Flavor

Ever given the game of soccer much thought? If you’re a typical North Carolina sports fan, probably not. But, if you’re aware that there’s a sports scene beyond American football, you may know that most of the rest of the wor... — Updated ERROR


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