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 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Fire In The Mountains Is Always A Possibility

With our friends to the Western states in a whole world of fire trouble now, let's be sure to remember our own lessons learned about living with fire here in the mountains of North... — Updated 8/17/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Senate Seeks State Funding For Conservation, Recreation

Our state has always recognized the value of protecting land, even enshrining that into our State Constitution. Article 14 Section 5 details the rights of North Carolina citizens... — Updated 7/12/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Two Plants I Love To Hate (Except This Time Of Year)

My profession often requires me to travel cross-country through all types of terrain; up, down, in, through and over these mountains. Many special places in our landscape,... — Updated 6/7/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Rosman Riverfest Scheduled For June 19 - Rosman

Whatever your new and better normal is becoming, if you're ready, consider coming to Riverfest 2021 in Rosman. This outdoor celebration of the vitality of the French Broad River... — Updated 5/3/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Ephemerals Return Each Spring With The Perfect Timing

Ephemeral: of being transitory, only lasting a certain short while. By the time these words reach you, it may have come and gone already, or perhaps luckily, it may be right at... — Updated 4/12/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Canoeing For A Cause – Conserving Carolina Looks For Volunteers

I'd like to offer everyone an opportunity to help out the French Broad – to be the eyes and ears for the Transylvania French Broad River Stewards. If you're already boating, or... — Updated 3/8/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Free Trees! Act Now While The Time Is Right – Transylvania County, NC

Now that I have your attention, how about reading on to learn an easy way to propagate western North Carolina native plants. In particular, some free trees and shrubs that provide... — Updated 2/1/2021

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Don't Despair Plant Lovers, Native Plants Offer Winter Interest

Winter can seem dreary at times. To the gardener, it seems like the only thing to do is chores and more chores. For any plant lover, the season may appear to be the least... — Updated 12/7/2020

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Tenkara Fishing Along The County's Steep Rivers And Small Creeks

Remoteness and rugged terrain – two signatures of Transylvania county's natural areas – are also a great indicator that the fishing is superb. The harder the spot is to get to,... — Updated 3/14/2016

 By Torry Nergart    Outdoors

Tagging Migrating Monarch Butterflies In Transylvania For MonarchWatch

It would be easy to think that if you saw a group of adults out chasing butterflies with nets in the open spaces around town, that they had to be a little off – and maybe so. But... — Updated 12/16/2015


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