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 By Willow Walker    Opinion

A New Plan For Waste Is Needed For Transylvania County

Transylvania County’s landfill, located at 500 Howell Road, has less than nine years of useful life left, according to Kenn Webb, the Transylvania County Solid Waste director. And the topography, soil composition, and lack of... — Updated 10/30/2019

 By Willow Walker    Features

How To Avoid Waste in the First Place - Reduction and Reuse - Brevard, NC

Welcome back to our series on waste, recycling, and materials management in Transylvania County. So far, we've examined the landfill and the costs associated with long-term... — Updated 10/17/2018

 By Willow Walker    News

Food For The Soil: Reducing Waste Through Composting

Welcome back to our series about waste and material management in Transylvania County. On Sept. 27, we looked at the landfill and the costs associated with long-term disposal of was... — Updated 10/11/2018

 By Willow Walker    News

Recycling 101: Transylvania And Beyond

Welcome back to our third story in a series exploring waste and material management in Transylvania County. This week, we'll look at recycling as an industry, how and why materials... — Updated 10/4/2018

 By Willow Walker    News

Recycling Report Card: Making The Grade

We'll now take a look at the economics of recycling each type of household material collected in Transylvania County and follow the course of these materials when they leave the county. It is important to note that just because... — Updated 10/4/2018

 By Willow Walker    News

Talking Trash: A Visit To The County Landfill

As noted last week, The Transylvania Times is publishing a series of articles that will provide an in-depth look at what happens to the waste and recyclable materials that are... — Updated 10/4/2018

 By Willow Walker    News

Series Of Articles To Take On Waste In Transylvania County - Brevard NC

As Americans, we are an incredibly diverse group of people. Yet, despite our cultural differences and backgrounds, there is one thing that 99.99 percent of us have in common. We... — Updated 10/4/2018


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