Gaia Herbs held a ribbon cutting ceremony

On June 21, Gaia Herbs held a ribbon cutting ceremony for becoming an official Blue Zones Project Worksite. (Courtesy photo)

Gaia Herbs, a leading natural herbal products brand in the United States, has been approved as a Blue Zones Project Worksite, according to a press release. This certification reinforces the company’s commitment to social impact and longstanding mission of connecting people, plants and planet to create healing.

“We’re joining an incredible group of organizations in our hometown of Brevard that create environments to optimize better health,” said Jim Geikie, president and CEO of Gaia Herbs. “The Blue Zones Approval acknowledges the effort we at Gaia Herbs put into creating healing and maintaining overall wellbeing, not only for our consumers, but for everyone who works at Gaia.”

“At Gaia, we are committed to providing a foundation of wellness not only in Brevard, but for all communities,” said Alison Czeczuga, Gaia Herbs’ director of social impact and sustainability. “Social impact is at the heart of our work as we empower communities to learn how to use and cultivate herbs. This Blue Zones Approval reflects both our longstanding commitment to wellness through high-quality, evidence-backed products as well as the fruits of our recent social responsibility efforts.”

“It’s been an incredible journey partnering alongside of the Gaia Herbs team through the approval process,” remarked Sarah Hankey, Blue Zones Project Brevard organization lead.

“They have adopted extraordinary well-being action steps that will impact the health of their employees and our community forever. From forming a thriving Employee-Led Wellness Committee, joining Rotary’s mission to serve and becoming all-star community volunteers, Gaians are out there spreading health and happiness. It’s an incredible thing to watch a company like this flourish in this capacity and I know they’ve only just begun. Blue Zones Project looks forward to continuing the partnership and creating opportunities for future collaboration.”

Gaia Herbs hosted an event at their farm in the Blue Ridge mountains on June 21 to celebrate the accomplishment with members of the community, as well as other Blue Zones approved organizations. The event featured live music by Gypsy and Me and guests heard about Gaia Herbs’ dedication to employee and community well-being. Thank you to all that attended.

Blue Zones Project® by Sharecare is a community-led well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to a city’s environment, policy and social networks. Blue Zones Project was brought to Brevard by the Pisgah Health Foundation. To learn more, go to

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