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Glancing Back: Gene Banks Makes Her First Musical Recording

The following briefs are from Thursday, Aug. 14, 1969 edition of The Transylvania Times. Final preparations are being made for the opening of schools in Brevard and Transylvania County on Thursday, Aug. 24, Harry C. Corbin,... — Updated 8/12/2019


The Deep State

It is becoming more apparent by the day that Washington Democrats are in a state of panic. Their failure to, so far, take down the president of the United States, aided and abetted by a fully complicit media and Obama “deep... — Updated 8/12/2019


Use Your Voice And Vote

After the UNC-Charlotte, El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, Republicans refuse to allow consideration of legislation proven to reduce gun deaths. HB 86 protects gun ownership but requires a permit to own “assault weapons” as al... — Updated 8/12/2019


A Forest Disservice

Perhaps the Forest Service would be of more service to the forest if they fertilized it with their excessive obfuscatory verbiage. We know that someone will be making a big profit off this proposed “largest timber sale on Pisgah... — Updated 8/12/2019


The New American Norm?

It has happened again: the brutal, senseless murders and injuries to innocent Americans. Social morality has decayed to the point of insanity! What has happened to our great country that we must endure the constant threat of being... — Updated 8/12/2019


Trump Has Accomplished Much

There have been so many things published “trashing” President Trump for everything he ever does or says. A recently published letter accused the president of being racist. According to the Washington Examiner, President... — Updated 8/12/2019


A Red Herring

Mr. Matthews has thrown a red herring out with regard to the president’s reference to the sad state of Baltimore. It may be true that this city has its issues with vermin of all sorts, but what Mr. Cummings was addressing was... — Updated 8/12/2019


Ignoring Anti-Semitism

It is interesting that Carter Heyward, Peter Mockridge and all of the other liberal letter writers who contribute frequently to The Transylvania Times, are very generous with their accusations of racism about conservatives, but... — Updated 8/12/2019


A Duplicitous Message

In recent remarks at The White House, Donald Trump stated that, “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. These ideologies must be defeated.” To achieve that end, it is Donald Trump who must... — Updated 8/12/2019


RES Book Drive A Success

Rosman Elementary School would like to thank our community for their help with our 2018-19 Give 5 Read 5 book collection and giveaway. We ended up collecting over 4,800 books for our students! This meant that our students took an... — Updated 8/12/2019


Divisive Rhetoric

This is in reference to two letters to the editor in the July 29 paper. Larry Chapman mentioned Obama’s “failed economy” and how Trump turned it around. Where is he getting his figures? I googled U.S. economy under Trump vs.... — Updated 8/12/2019


Tone It Down

Can we just stop with the broad and incorrect generalizations? Can we use actual facts and not unproven talking points by either major party? Two recent letters stated those who are on the left hate America. I personally tend to... — Updated 8/12/2019


Compromise On State Budget

It has now been more than a month since the state government was supposed to pass its budget for the 2019-20 fiscal year, and it has been more than 30 days since Gov. Roy Cooper presented a counter-proposal to the General... — Updated 8/12/2019


Councilman Jones Explains Reason For Filing – Brevard, NC

In a news release, incumbent Brevard City Councilman Maurice Jones filed to serve for a third term, citing “several great things he would like to see accomplished.” Jones said... — Updated 8/12/2019


Camper Found Hungry, Tired After Going Missing – Transylvania County, NC

A 9-year-old camper was found hungry and tired Friday morning after going missing Thursday night in the Camp Greenville area of northwestern Greenville County along the Transylvania County border. Matthew Yarbrough was last seen... — Updated 8/12/2019


Georgia Resident Dies On Blue Ridge Parkway

At 6:28 p.m., Friday, Aug. 9, National Park Service dispatchers received a report of a single motor vehicle accident near Milepost 306 at the Grandfather Mountain Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. NPS Rangers, along with local... — Updated 8/12/2019


City Employees Praise Wellness Program – Brevard, NC

In response to questions regarding the city of Brevard’s Wellness Fitness Program for employees, nine department heads and employees recently gathered at City Hall to provide... — Updated 8/12/2019


PBS Anchor Coming To Porter Center – Brevard, NC

Judy Woodruff, PBS NewsHour anchor and managing editor, will be the Fall 2019 J. R. McDowell Speaker, which is sponsored by the Transylvania County Library Foundation in... — Updated 8/12/2019


Thank You To Bill Harrah – Brevard, NC

The Sharing House wishes to thank Bill Harrah for 14 years of dedicated service to the ministry. Harrah, who is retiring from the position, has been the one behind the camera,... — Updated 8/12/2019


Jake Johnson Sworn In – Transylvania County, NC

Newly appointed N.C. Rep. Jake Johnson was seated last week as a member of the N.C. General Assembly representing District 113, which includes Transylvania County. During the... — Updated 8/12/2019


Proposed Ecusta Trail Gets $6.4 Million Boost – Transylvania County, NC

Transylvania County officials remain “neutral” on the proposed Ecusta Trail after it was announced last week that Conserving Carolina was awarded a $6.4 million N.C. Department... — Updated 8/12/2019


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