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Dale and Janet Robertson attended the WNC Communities Awards Banquet in Asheville, where the Dunn’s Rock Community Center received a Trillium Award of $600.

During this time of gratitude, I would like to take a moment to name someone that I’m particularly thank for: Janet Robertson.

Janet is a native of Dunn’s Rock, as is her mother, and she takes care of the community center as if it was her very own. She has served as the treasurer and the building manager, fielding inquiries for rentals, meeting renters and making sure that the building stays clean and welcoming, inside and out. She makes sure things are in top order for elections and is always helpful to non-profits that need a place to meet. Anyone who’s attended one of the center’s dinners knows that she’s also an awesome cook.

She has been a driving force for many of the center’s improvements, most recently the expansion and improvement of the center’s playground. If you’re a friend or family member of Janet’s, you’ve probably been pulled in by her energy and enthusiasm to help too.

Earlier this month Janet and her husband Dale attended the WNC Communities Honors Awards Banquet in Asheville. She arrived early to serve in the “best practices” area which featured exhibits about areas in which various community centers have excelled. Dunn’s Rock was noted for its Pie and Program events, as well as its Game Day programs.

The awards banquet is always an inspiring event where community center volunteers share their community’s successes in activities and programs. Janet came home with her head spinning with the great ideas she learned at the banquet.

As we look forward to planning another year of activities in the community center, we’re looking for a few good folks to join us in our work. If you’ve enjoyed a program at the center, or are interested in meeting new neighbors and working for the good of the community, please contact us so we can plug you into our cadre of volunteers. We need a few more good men, women and a lot more Janets.

For more information, contact me at dunnsrockview@gmail.com.

GAME DAYThe last two game days of the year will be on Thursdays, Dec. 1 and Dec. 15 from 10 a.m. until noon at the community center. In the new year, Game Day will begin again on Jan. 19. Everyone is invited to join the fun!

Inquiries about renting the community center can be made by texting Janet Robertson at (828) 384-0104.

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