Additional funds from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Emergency Relief Program (ERP) and Emergency Livestock Program (ELRP) are available to assist crop and livestock producers who have sustained losses from a qualifying natural disaster event in 2022.

To participate in ERP and ELRP for 2022 losses, crop and livestock producers should prepare to have the following forms on file with the Farm Service Agency:

•Form AD-2047, Customer Data Worksheet (as applicable to the program participant

•Form CCC-902, Farm Operating Plan for an individual or legal entity

•Form CCC-901, Member Information for Legal Entities (if applicable)

•Form AD-1026 Highly Erodible Land Conservation (HELC) and Wetland Conservation (WC) Certification

USDA will provide additional information on how to apply for assistance through ERP and ELRP for 2022 losses in the upcoming months.

Producers can contact their local USDA Service Center with any questions.

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