Engineers have confirmed that the structural integrity of the walls and ceilings of Brevard College’s Jones Residence Hall have not been compromised, according to a college press release Thursday. As previously reported, at roughly 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 16, part of the roof of Jones Residence Hall collapsed. The roof will need to be re-built, the release said. Jones Residence Hall will be off-line for the remainder of the academic year.

Brevard College had two structural engineers on campus right after the incident, along with Vannoy Construction. The engineers found that a combination of weight from the significant snowfall, as well as a unique structural and construction issue, resulted in the partial collapse of the East Jones Residence Hall roof. The pitched roof collapse did not damage the building’s concrete roof or the overall structure of the rest of the building. However, the collapse did send concrete, wood and other debris onto the ground surrounding the building, which broke some windows and created minor damage to the floors below. The West Jones roof remains intact. To be extra cautious, the release said, Brevard College is contracting with the structural engineer to examine the roofs of all the buildings on campus to make sure there are no issues of concern with other structures.

Moving forward, Vannoy Construction will immediately place construction fencing around the building in order to protect people from the remaining danger of additional falling debris. They will erect a construction tunnel into the building, through the West entrance, for safe access by staff and contractors. Within several days of the incident, Brevard College identified residential space for every displaced student for the remainder of the academic year and is planning a day of service on campus where faculty, staff, and students can help move belongings of those affected by the roof collapse.

“We are emerging from this facility crisis with all students reassigned and moved to a permanent new home within several days of the incident,” said College President Bradley J. Andrews. “In addition to the students, faculty and staff on campus, many in our Brevard community have been tremendous – our Brevard First Responders, The Brevard Music Center, the Holiday Inn and the Comfort Inn, our partners at Vannoy Construction, and many others who reached out to offer assistance.”

Brevard College is currently on track to re-open the residential facility by the fall semester. On Jan. 16, Jones Residence advisors acted immediately by pulling the fire alarm and contacting local fire, police and EMS, the release said. All responded to the scene and safely evacuated around 54 students with no injuries. Campus Life staff ensured the safety of the displaced residents, by moving them into alternate housing on-and-off campus. Director of Athletics Myranda Nash worked with Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn and the Brevard Music Center to arrange for student housing.

“We experienced a completely unexpected and significant facility event on Sunday and we are all very grateful that nobody was harmed. Brevard College students, staff and first responders responded in a remarkable way,” said Andrews.

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