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The Republicans won’t answer subpoenas and now our own Mark Meadows is allegedly burning documents to erase their guilt. Folks can talk about inflation and gas prices all day, that’s fair. But remember, those so critical of President Biden are usually Trump supporters. And Trump and his poli…

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Let us be guided by our principles and not be a part of a personality cult or be misguided by our fears.

A reader last week mentioned some shortcomings of our president. I would like to offer some achievements.  

Last month POTUS visited Buffalo, the scene of a mass shooting that claimed the lives of 10 people. There was a hero in Buffalo, a retired policeman named Aaron Salter Jr. For him, running to the sound of the guns will be a situation that most of us will never encounter. He is a hero. He des…

It doesn’t matter whether the most recent mass shooting of school children in their classroom is the 50th or the 500th such incident.

Ted Cruz’s political response to the murder of school children was to indicate that some would politicize this event.

It’s happened again, and again and again. Nineteen second, third and fourth graders were killed along with two of their teachers. This time it was Uvalde, Texas, but previously it was Buffalo, Charleston, Sandy Hook, El Paso, Columbine, and the list goes on and on.

As of May 25, there have been 213 mass shootings this year, averaging over 10 per week:

In his May 23 letter in The Transylvania Times, Duke Woodhull accused the Rev. Carter Heyward of “bias and, yes, hatred” by claiming that she said the recent mass shooting in Buffalo would be “supported and applauded by ‘largely white Christian men.’”

First of all, let me say that I’m sure none of us takes pleasure in reading about, or discussing, the shortcomings of the President. Having said that, he provides ample fodder for negative review. I wish that were not so.

When the Transylvania County School Board meets Monday, June 6, they will potentially consider moving Davidson River School (DRS) from its present location on Ecusta Road to a wing of Brevard High School.

I was killing time looking over rental opportunities in the county. I found two, literally two. But then I went to AirBNB and found over 300 available properties that were the entire residence.

In a recent article by Jordon Morgan, of The Transylvania Times, he explained  the benefits and uses of roundabouts. However, he did not report on the one on Ecusta Road. This roundabout is unique in that a bike path parallels the road leading into it from the south. When a bike rider attemp…

The recent letter entitled “Hate,” certainly made a strong case against hatred, but not at all in the way the writer intended.

But first let’s do basic definitions. “Misinformation is content without intent to deceive. Disinformation is willful intent to deceive. So if the information evokes a strong emotional response, or speaks to your biases, be vigilant of info not sourced. And before sharing content check multi…

The murders of 10 Black Americans in Buffalo last week was not the work of one bad guy. The violence was the inevitable outgrowth of the hatred being cultivated today by those who want this nation to be populated largely by white Christian men with unlimited access to money and power. 

Everyday my U.S. mailbox is packed with incendiary political messages attacking Madison Cawthorn. It is clear that out of district money is flooding into our community to take this guy out. Untruths and distortions abound. One candidate, Burril, is truly repugnant as his self-identifying rad…

In reference to the letters concerning the recently-created Disinformation Governance Board under the Department of Homeland Security: Our right to say whatever we wish – however patently false, absurd, vulgar or indecent it may be – is indeed one of our most cherished rights, and must not b…

Recent letters from D’Alessandro and Falck seem to miss the point of opinion letters.

Abortion is, and has always been, a religious, not cultural issue, one Republicans have milked for decades to lure voters into their web of deceit. Yes, deceit.

In response to the letter, “Getting More Difficulties,” I offer a word of encouragement to Lauren and to those who are discouraged by our country’s current political divide Persevere.

If the proclaimer of a fact provides evidence in support of that fact, and addresses any claims to the contrary with honest debate, the truth can be ascertained.

The article you ran recently on Medicare Advantage health insurance is misleading at best.

I am very happy to see that folks are asking for more civility and positivity in these “Letters to the Editors.”

Thank you for publishing the article in The Transylvania Times of May 2 entitled “Picturing the past: The Girl Scout ‘little house.’”

Since our neighbors tend to vote for Republicans in district and county-wide elections, the winners of the primary will probably be our representatives. We unaffiliated voters should do our homework and choose to vote in the republican primary for candidates who we think will best represent …

This is an appeal to all Unaffiliated and Republican voters in Transylvania County who are decent and haven’t broken their minds on MAGA insanity: Please vote for Wendy Marie-Limbaugh Nevarez for the 11th District congressional seat on the Republican primary ballot on Tuesday, May 17, or in …

I appreciate Ruth Falck’s letter. Unfortunately, those who repeatedly write angry letters won’t stop because they want to blame others for their unhappiness, rather than take any responsibility themselves. Moreover, they are being manipulated by certain politicians and members of media who e…

The administration has taken the next step in the “1984” and “Animal Farm” manuals on how to establish an authoritarian government.

Thank you Lauren D Alessandro and Ruth Falck for your letters saying what I should have already said.

As an unaffiliated voter who researches political candidates’ platforms rather than voting blindly based on the letters R or D associated with their names, I have two observations about recent Letters to the Editor regarding divisive political issues:

“War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.” Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth.

As an unaffiliated voter from the city of Brevard, I am weary of the same two or three people who continually write letters to the editor that include exaggerations, misstatements and downright misinformation

This letter is in joyful support of Sara Kane and her wonderful letter outlining where our country is at this moment in time politically and economically. It was a much needed salve for this reader.

In response to a comment titled Truth Matters, Biden absolutely caused the rise in gas prices by limiting oil production here in the USA.

I was pleased to read  Carrie Blair’s letter on April 12 about the Bradford pear trees. 

I recently watch the film “Argo,” a docudrama about the takeover of the American Embassy in 1979.  

Well maybe not. Starting off, let’s remember what Joe said on a C-SPAN debate, “You know my character.

I was deeply disappointed to see the April 9, 2022, guest opinion in The Transylvania Times promoting the 1619 Project as being worthy of “…all of our attention and input.” In fact, the 1619 Project is a dubious, ideologically-driven journalistic endeavor to put the institution of slavery at…

Thank you, Pisgah Forest Rotary Club, for sponsoring the 22nd Annual Bike Race, Assault on the Carolinas, with the headline, “Assault returns in April to Transylvania” as reported in The Transylvania Times of April 4, Section B.

Abraham Lincoln said it eloquently: “Better to remain silent and to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” He understood that people sometimes speak without knowing or caring about the truthfulness of their words. Some speak partial truths, which can be more dangerous. They r…

Many actions or inactions that Joe Biden has taken, or not taken, can be outlined and scrutinized. It’s not hard to make a list, but these letters have word limits.

I hope the toppling over of a large street tree in the high winds Saturday, March 26, in front of Mantiques in downtown Brevard will be a warning to Brevard citizens and public officials that the complete lack of roots under this large Bradford Pear cultivar proves its inherent weakness and …

You can electronically control the priority at traffic lights to accommodate the volume of traffic. Not so roundabouts.

Can you believe the meat price increases predicted by the USDA Economic Research Service – 15% for red meat and 11% for fish and eggs?

Whatever happened to common sense? No, not Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, but maybe to some degree it is. Rather, the God-given common sense of the common man. But common sense seems to be, and has been, vilified by national politics.

Prior to the pandemic, we in America were enjoying economic prosperity, high-paying jobs, low inflation, energy independence, along with low gas and food prices. It seemed as if life was good.

Hypocrisy, hyperbole and hemp. When are we going to get real with our substance use culture?

Lia Thomas made big news recently by winning the NCAA  championship in women’s 500-meter freestyle swimming. This is news because Thomas is a man.