I am very happy to see that folks are asking for more civility and positivity in these “Letters to the Editors.”

I know personally or by reputation almost all of the writers of letters which are critical, in fact “over the top” concerning the President Biden and his administration.

That is fair game. But, your readers need to realize that these letters are invariably written by followers of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and his minions are absolutely responsible for the attempted overthrow of a duly elected president of the United States of America.

I think now more than ever that we now know of all the illegal maneuvers that took place in the attempt to decertify the election.

Even worse some of them as we now know did not agree with this attempt and thought it was wrong but continued anyway.

They were against the insurrection, but said nothing or blamed it on Antifa.

So, these hypercritical letter writers are in bed with these “Trumpsters.” This is their Benedict Arnold moment, and they own it. This is their bed and they are required to sleep in it.

No amount of criticism of President Biden will erase that.

Always consider that aggressive critics of President Biden are those that are okay with the attempted overthrow of our government. To quote Mr Trump,“sad.”

Gerald Kilpatrick


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