Good Samaritan

There are times in life when the good outweighs the bad, the strong outweighs the weak and when someone stands out as just a good-hearted person. We see that a lot at the VFW Post 4309 in Brevard where we have a lot of outstanding veterans that arose to the call in years past and still arise today. But not all who arise to the call of our country are veterans. For many different reasons we have numerous people in our community that didn’t or weren’t able to service the country in a military capacity. That does not make them any less patriotic. What is being patriotic? Simply put - It’s the service of a person who loves our country and only wants to see it better whether that effort comes in a military capacity or in our everyday life. We have a person like that who recently arose to a call that others were unaware of.

You may say it wasn’t anything big, but to those who have served, it’s a big thing.

When you drive by the VFW Post 4309 on Veterans Drive you will see a display of the military branch’s flags hanging on our building. Those flags are a representation of the branches of service that the VFW support and take pride in. Thank you to the caring and dedicated individual who stops by to straighten the flags when the winds have blown them askew.

And when that individual noticed those flags were in need of replacement he proceeded to order and, anonymously, give a replacement of all six flags to the Post. What a wonderful, caring and generous person you are. We at the VFW do not know you but would love to meet you.

The VFW Post 4309 has a goal of serving veterans and the community in which they serve and have many capacities of doing that and appreciate any community support. So thank you from all the veterans and auxiliary members who frequent our Post and our wish for many more community members to take pride in their veterans and have the heart to help our community.

Sharon Powell, Auxiliary president

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