Dear Good Samaritan,

Thank you for finding my cell phone on the roadside near Pisgah Forest Recycling Center April 11 and returning it to College Walk April 12. I was on my way from Brevard to Hendersonville with two friends for a book club meeting and have no idea how my phone ended up on the roadside and didn’t even miss it until I got back home to Brevard late that afternoon. My husband dialed my phone with his phone and you answered, saying you had my phone and were headed to work in Fletcher but lived in Pisgah Forest and would be back home early this morning and awake by 10. My husband said we lived at College Walk so would come get it the next day.  I tried several times to call my phone this morning between 10 and 10:45, but it was locked, so I went to play bocce. About 11:30 I was wondering what I could do next about recovering my phone, when I saw Jayne Field walking across the grass to the bocce court waving at me. You had brought my phone to the front desk of College Walk and asked that it be returned to me.  I’m so sorry I did not get to meet you to thank you — first, for noticing and stopping to pick up my phone, and, second, for bringing it to me. I will never forget your kindness.

Your admirer,

Kim Spencer, Brevard

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