I write this message to share why I believe Lauren Wise can help our community strengthen itself for an uncertain future. I’ve lived in the county for about 10 years, and I plan to raise my family here and stay as long as God and circumstance allow.

As I age, I realize I want to vote for individuals who will make a change, rather than vote simply on ideals that might not be reflected in action. At the heart of the upcoming election is this question: “What does our community (local and state) need to thrive?” 

Community is a keyword here; elections can’t be solely about individual needs. We must consider the needs of our neighbors. What would happen in this county (and state) if we looked at this election not from some false binary of Republicans versus Democrats but if we instead asked ourselves to vote with our broader community needs in mind? What would happen if we put aside labels and looked at the actions, hearts, and history of people for whom we are voting? 

Whether elected or not, I trust Lauren to give this county his level best daily and treat people and issues with respect and care. He has served in the Army, on the county planning board and invested his time in strengthening our community over a decade. As you consider your vote for county commissioner, I encourage you to get to know Lauren Wise. His website is  www.transylvaniawise.com/

Brandon Smith, Pisgah Forest.

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