A reader last week mentioned some shortcomings of our president. I would like to offer some achievements.  

Six million jobs were created in his first year, the greatest job creation in American history. 

Nearly five million Americans gained health insurance coverage.

The number of households reporting they did not have enough food to eat dropped by 32%.

The Child Tax Credit expansion was a huge success lifting millions of children out of poverty. 

As we tackle climate change, the United States made the largest investments ever in the power grid, electric vehicle chargers and climate resilience.

We are investing to get safe and clean drinking water to all Americans.

Our first female vice president secured billions of dollars from private businesses to invest in Central American countries to create economic opportunities for their citizens, which will mitigate immigration pressure on our borders.

More African American women were appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals than by any other president. The first African American women was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court to better reflect our diverse society.

America is still seen as the leader of democracies because of our president’s success in marshaling most of the world against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We have a president who, when faced with tragedy, expresses compassion and empathy for victims, their families and the nation. He has hope that commonsense gun laws will be passed. 

Despite many challenges, our president has achieved many successes. And I like this from my leader.

Ian Cowie

Pisgah Forest

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