Well maybe not. Starting off, let’s remember what Joe said on a C-SPAN debate, “You know my character.

You know my reputation for honor and telling the truth.” “The character of the country is on the ballot.”

First, the blame game. Memory lane: Donald Trump, “big meat,” greedy CEOs, Putin, COVID. Not my fault, it’s theirs.

Then, the “Buck.” Day 1 destroyed energy independence. Groveled to Iran and Venezuela to provide oil; OPEC has declined. Forced the Green New Deal with no intelligent plan on how to proceed.

Opened southern border to millions. Kowtows to China; Afghan disaster; wants to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal – all foreign policy disasters. Caused inflation. Bureau of Labor Statistics: CPI highest in 40 years.

Prices up equals wages down.

Supply chain issues. Crime has risen exponentially countrywide. Opioid crises.

COVID confusion. Mandated all federal workers be vaccinated.

Why? Military allows beards, long hair, hijabs for religious exemption but denies vaccine requests.

We’ve listened for two years to the HHS narrative extolling vaccine benefits and saw people and stories cancelled that didn’t agree.

Free speech?


And still the FDA has released no data concerning the safety or efficacy of the vaccines which were granted emergency use authorization.

Abused parental rights and children’s need to be children.

Legislates by executive order bypassing Congress. Corrupted federal three-letter agencies. Biden family grifting.

I’ll stop before I run out of ink.

An observation.

If you are out to destroy the most powerful country in the world, it wouldn’t come from without, it would come from within. Is that what’s happening?

Are we becoming autocratic, more and more “socialized” and dependent?

Are we losing the connection with our founding?

To our individualism? Joe promised bi-partisanship and told us he’d be a president for all Americans.

By his actions he lied to all of us and betrayed Americans, our values and the character of our country.

His character has been determined.

And the description doesn’t include “honor and truth.” Unfortunately, however, we may have lost a generation until the ship can be righted. November is coming.

Art Cole


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