On July 26, 1833, an all-white British Parliament voted to abolish slavery throughout their entire empire. Those familiar with this little known piece of British history know Parliament didn’t just decide that on a whim. Rather, abolition was achieved due to the hard work, courage and dedication by a group of like minded individuals seemingly connected by one simple premise - Black Lives Matter.

At the risk of glossing over the rather lengthy list of those activists that spanned over 50 years, such as William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson, Gran-ville Sharpe and the Society of Friends, that deserve our remembrance, I think it’s much more important that I draw your attention to their winning strategy.

And to do that I’m going to rely on you, the reader, and my faith that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Open up your favorite internet browser and do a key word search for “Brookes Slave Ship,” paying particular attention to the image that pops up. I don’t care who you are or what your skin color is, when you realize what you’re looking at it will be heart wrenching.

Imagine being chained up for weeks in an area not much bigger than a coffin. Untold thousands died during this “middle passage” to the colonies.

You see the abolitionist mentioned above didn’t rely on some kind of “Critical Race Theory” to change hearts and minds.

They used critical facts, such as this image of an actual slave ship along with a mountain of eye witness testimony.

Testimonies that painted a vivid picture of the African kidnapped victims all the way from their homeland to hell.

This evidence was presented to the House of Lords and Commons, and, probably more importantly, the British public over a period of years, and their efforts paid off.

Finally, I’ll leave you with my race theory. I believe it’s entirely possible that if most antebellum Americans had had the same understanding of the real plight of the kidnapped Africans as their British contemporaries, slavery would have ended much sooner and without a shot being fired.

Ron Hall

Pisgah Forest

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