While I agree there needs to be workforce housing, the proposed low-income housing project for the field across from Brevard High School is very troublesome for many reasons.

The traffic on Country Club Road is already heavy and the road is in horrendous shape as it is.

The apartment complex is to be 84 units, which means there could possibly be 168 more cars trying to get in and out of the complex and driving on the road that is already filled with potholes.

Most of the field is in the flood zone and displacing that much grass with concrete and black top will cause flooding elsewhere.

My entire property runs along the field, so this greatly affects me. Will all of this build up in the flood zone make the water flood my property? Where is the environmental study, the road impact study? I have many questions, and I feel like this is being rushed and pushed on the people that it most affects.

When do we get to question the builder?

Will they put up landscaping and fencing so that I have my privacy back even though building a three story apartment complex will completely take away my view?

How will this hurt my property value? When I bought my land I knew that there was a possibility of workforce housing for teachers.

Now they say that the teachers will make too much money for them to live there.

I think the board needs to rethink putting an apartment complex on this property due to the traffic, environmental impact, flooding concerns.

There is no doubt that if this goes through heavy equipment will be using my one lane street Gillespie Circle (which is really only a dead end) as there entrance and the street is too small to accommodate all of that.

Please reconsider this project for one that more fits the space.

Lynn Barnett


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