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Photos from: BHS Loses 43-14 To Chase In Rescheduled Game

Jordon Morgan

Chase then made another series of short gains and a 43-yard pass by QB Damian Boykins that put them in an auspicious position. A minute left in the first quarter, and Chase's Taivon Derisma broke through Brevard's defense with a 31-yard pass completion for the first touchdown of the game. Brevard made them pay so to speak as they successfully stopped an attempted two-point conversion, making the score 6-0 as the first quarter came to a close. After achieving a first down at the end of the first quarter, the second saw Brevard being halted by an effective Chase defense. Exacerbating this was a mishandled snap that saw the ball fly over Powell's head, putting them at 3rd down and 17. An incomplete pass then led to a punt. Following some short gains on rushing and passing, a 22-yard rush gave the Trojans another first down. Marqies McCombs then carried the ball for 34 yards all the way to another touchdown, and with the PAT gave his team a 13-0 lead with under seven minutes left in the first half. Although the next three minutes saw some gains for Brevard, enough for a first down, they ultimately were stalled and made no traction toward scoring their first touchdown, leading to another punt. Once again, Chase made several short gains, and two longer rushing plays worth 22 and 13 yards each, far enough for Boykins to throw a 43-yard pass for another touchdown. The PAT gave the Trojans a 20-0 lead, with 35 seconds left in the first half. Starting at 1st and 10 at the 39-yard line in the second half, Chase didn't get very far before suffering a penalty flag, which handed them a 15-yard loss, placing them 1st and 24 at the 25-yard line. Fortunately for Chase, a solid carry followed by a completed pass to Isaiah Dodd got them out of the hole and into

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