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Push For More Vaccines

Has basic math come to escape our governing officials? If we wait to finish phase 2, we are currently on pace in this county to enter phase 3 in June. That’s not a misprint. With the vaccine boost we’ve been given, no phase 3... — Updated 3/3/2021


Clean The Roads In 'Trashalvania'

Anyone who has driven down the Rosman Highway (U.S. 64) lately would agree - it’s an abomination! The amount of accumulated trash speaks volumes about how little our elected county representatives care about how we present our... — Updated 3/3/2021


Policies For Politicians

In today’s paper readers will find two related stories: one containing Commissioner Larry Chapman’s full statement at the end of a recent commissioners’ meeting and one providing our response to his statement. Chapman... — Updated 3/3/2021


One Man's Contributions

During the past three years we have been fortunate to have been associated with Michael Dexter-Smith as a friend, a Rotarian, a Transylvania County SCORE Mentor, Blue Zones walker, and a ubiquitous community supporter. In... — Updated 3/3/2021


Would Socialism Really Work?

A new decade was introduced in 2020 and lots of new happenings and concepts. One such construct is a re-emergence of talk about socialism. As I often do, I thought about our family and one member who introduced those ideas to me,... — Updated 3/1/2021


Blue Ridge Health Goes Above And Beyond

I would like to thank Blue Ridge Health for all the services and help they have provided during the pandemic. I have been absolutely amazed at their willingness to go above and beyond. It seems like they are one of the few... — Updated 3/1/2021


Supports Unity Resolution

Please publish a “Thank you, Mike Hawkins” for submitting “A Statement of Unity” resolution to the Transylvania County Commissioners and The Transylvania Times. His proposal doubtlessly represents the sentiments of many... — Updated 3/1/2021


Fit For Office?

Larry Chapman’s response to Mike Hawkins regarding his submission to the commissioners for a Unity Resolution betrays a fundamental lack of judgment by an elected official and, again, calls into question his fitness for public of... — Updated 3/1/2021


Put Unity Resolution On Agenda

This is a letter of profound gratitude to former County Commissioner Mike Hawkins for his resolution entitled “A Statement of Unity,” which he requested be placed on the agenda of the county commissioners’ meeting on Monday,... — Updated 3/1/2021


Policing Is A Local Matter

After the video surfaced last summer of a police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck until Floyd was dead, protesters in several U.S. cities called for the abolition of their police forces or “defunding the police.... — Updated 3/1/2021


What Am I Supposed To Do With All This Mud?

Editor’s Note: The following was written by Addison Bradley, a livestock agent, with the N.C. Cooperative Extension. As I sit here writing this, I’m looking out the window and it’s raining - again. I’m also thinking about... — Updated 2/24/2021


Appreciates Those Helping With Vaccinations

We would like to publicly thank all of Transylvania County’s health care workers, EMT’s, deputy sheriffs, and any others who worked so diligently, often in harsh weather conditions, to provide life saving COVID-19 vaccines to... — Updated 2/24/2021


Don't Punish Cities

I am disappointed in Sen. Chuck Edwards push to punish cities that are rebalancing their budgets to move funds from police forces to mental health and other community services. In hindsight, the “Defund the Police” protest... — Updated 2/24/2021


The Kindness Project

Our grandson attends kindergarten at a local public school where he and his classmate participate in a “kindness project.” Every morning before formal lessons begin, each student shares an example of an act of kindness they rec... — Updated 2/24/2021


The Bad and The Good

The U.S. reached a grim milestone this week as the death toll from COVID-19 surpassed 500,000. More Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19 in just a year than those who lost their lives in combat in World War II, the Korean... — Updated 2/24/2021


Hospital Has Gone Awry

I think it would be a logical conclusion for one to consider why a dozen physicians of various disciplines have either parted ways with HCA/Mission Health or not have their contracts renewed. It is not normal for this many... — Updated 2/24/2021


A Little Humor… A Lot Of Kindness

We are a “two-party” family but bipartisan in that we live and vote according to deep-seated shared values. We are loyal not to a person with “R” or “D” by their name, but with integrity, honesty, compassion and... — Updated 2/22/2021


Appointment System Is Flawed

I am in total agreement with Ann Hollingsworth in regard to the methods being used to assign COVID-19 vaccination appointments. After navigating the friendly webpage, I was assigned an appointment for Jan. 21 but this was never... — Updated 2/22/2021


Cancelling Student Loans

Last week President Joe Biden said he supported cancelling $10,000 in student federal loan debt for individuals, far less than the $50,000 proposed by other Democrats. There are approximately 45 million Americans who hold a total... — Updated 2/22/2021


Why Are Doctors Leaving?

We read with interest the Feb. 18 letter from the eight doctors leaving the Transylvania Regional Hospital. Isn’t it odd that so many doctors are leaving? If we care about the hospital that serves our community, shouldn’t we... — Updated 2/22/2021


Vaccination Appointments For Seniors Are A Gamble

County officials are trying to distract from their responsibility by emphasizing a part of the problem they cannot solve. They cannot increase the volume of vaccines supply but they could install an efficient system that would... — Updated 2/22/2021


Listen To Opposing Views

Several years ago, I had the privilege of hearing Michael Mayne, dean of Westminster Abbey. He was the guest lecturer at the Medicine and Ministry Conference’s yearly meeting at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville. One of... — Updated 2/22/2021


Disappointed People Attack Commissioners

Again, I am disappointed in the opinions published recently which attacked our county commissioners for publishing their dedication to the U.S. Constitution. This country was founded on principles based on the rule of law with... — Updated 2/22/2021


Collective Healing

Wee first graders standing in line with arms ready. Oh, the bravery that took. Little soldiers, all. The entire first grade stood at attention, getting marching orders. The mission? To stop polio. I remember a large and well-lit... — Updated 2/22/2021


With The Stroke Of A Pen

With deep concern and disbelief, ordinary American citizens have recently witnessed the imperious imposition by their Democratic-controlled government of more than 40 executive directives causing long lasting negative... — Updated 2/22/2021


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