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The Real Trump Effect

In Sally MacMillan’s recent letter, she describes the “Trump Effect” based on a survey administered by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) “Teaching Tolerance” project. After detailing what sounds like a tidal... — Updated 8/3/2020


America Is Now The Pariah

Page 2A of the July 20 edition of The Transylvania Times reflects many of my views, but particularly on the “individual right” to oppose certain health precautions, like masks, distancing, as supposedly enshrined in the... — Updated 8/3/2020


Character Of Candidates Is Important

In Mr. Carter’s recent opinion letter in The Transylvania Times, he said that the purpose of the Republican-sponsored advertisement published the previous week was to make everyone “very afraid” so that people will vote for t... — Updated 8/3/2020


Trump Is AWOL On COVID-19

The coronavirus rages on. For weeks we have seen nothing from Donald Trump but lying, denying and decrying. His low point (and one of ours) came when he said he took no responsibility for dealing with the virus. Now we have a... — Updated 8/3/2020

 By Mike Hawkins    Opinion 

All Three Tools Must Be Used To Fight COVID-19

My wife and I like to make our grocery trips on Saturday night. While going at that time reminds us how barren our social lives are, it is great for getting in and out because the stores are less crowded – deserted, even. Over... — Updated 8/3/2020


Deerlake And Affordable Housing Need Support

The Brevard City Council will shortly consider a proposal to build a major development beside Deerlake Village, a community of 223 homes. The land for this development is zoned R8 (up to eight housing units per acre), and Deerlake... — Updated 8/3/2020


Judiciary Hearings

Last Tuesday I watched some of the so called “judiciary hearings.” I have never seen such a discourteous, disgusting and disturbing display by national leaders. As a child, I saw some of Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s smear antics. T... — Updated 8/3/2020


Saving Lives And Jobs

Last week, the United States reached a tragic milestone – 150,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. What is more horrific is that thousands of those deaths were avoidable. From July 21-27, the U.S. recorded 463,109 new cases of... — Updated 8/3/2020


Support For Edney Is Local

At the end of the second quarter, Sam’s campaign had raised nearly $72,000. This compares to his opponent’s $2,850 in the same period. Almost three fourths of money donated to Sam came from inside his district. But here’s wha... — Updated 8/3/2020


The Power Of A Myth

Over the decades, since the end of World War II, scholars from every branch of science and philosophy have sought to understand how the German Enlightenment failed to prevent the rise of Nazism. How could a civilized human being... — Updated 7/29/2020


A Reason To Kneel

He may just want to enjoy a ball game, but today’s sports fan is confronted with the spectacle of wealthy, pampered professional athletes — among the luckiest, most-favored people on the planet — kneeling to demonstrate... — Updated 7/29/2020


Vote To Unite, Not Divide

During and immediately following the presidential campaign four years ago, Teaching Tolerance documented that minority children in our nation’s schools experienced a surge of incidents involving racial slurs and symbols, bigotry... — Updated 7/29/2020



In a letter in Monday’s, July 20, Transylvania Times titled “Apology,” Charles Brendle again said it’s fortunate that Ted Turner can’t remember. Fortunate? Really? Anyway, Mr. Brendle has no idea how Turner would or does... — Updated 7/29/2020


Agonizing Decisions

Anyone who watched school board member Courtney Domokur’s heartfelt explanation Monday evening as to why schools should be reopened for students on Aug. 17 witnessed how deeply invested school board members have been in trying to... — Updated 7/29/2020

 By Michele Pilon    Opinion

TRH Is Working To Keep Patients, Staff Safe

Just as our community members have adapted to the changing best practices that surround COVID-19, we continue to reassess how we provide care based on careful analysis of current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations,... — Updated 7/27/2020


Who Are These Poachers?

I love law and order as the basis of the American Dream we all seek. But sometimes we need to examine the cause of “criminal” behavior. I address specifically the arrest of poachers recently, of which the Sheriff’s Office... — Updated 7/27/2020


The End Of Intimacy?

Intimacy has many facets. The COVID new normal has virtually banished one of them – social intimacy. What is that? It’s two good friends leaning over the lunch table to share a confidence; nudging your pew-mate when the choir... — Updated 7/27/2020


What Do You Support?

In a recent Transylvania Times advertisement four of our county commissioners (or candidates) felt the need to express their support of Donald Trump because of a recent stance on law and order. If they support Trump for these... — Updated 7/27/2020


'Horse And Sparrow' Economics

Republicans are all about “horse and sparrow” economics. That’s when the horse eats oats and whatever passes through the other end is for the sparrows to pick through. Republicans prefer to call it “trickle down” or... — Updated 7/27/2020


Sharing House's Success

Sharing House of Transylvania Christian Ministry, Inc. recently released its 2019 report, a report that shows community-wide support for an organization that helps to provide for those in need. In 2019, Sharing House had 177... — Updated 7/27/2020


Graduation Issue Thursday

In May, the local school system surveyed the high school seniors regarding their preference for graduation. The overwhelming majority voted to delay graduation ceremonies until later in the summer with hope that COVID-19... — Updated 7/27/2020


The Purpose Of Zoning

To concerns regarding the Highway 276 Dollar General Store construction, county commissioners accurately responded that without county zoning codes they lack authority to intervene. Zoning codes prohibit construction incompatible... — Updated 7/22/2020


Vote Republican

I strongly support the ideas and principles expressed by the Republican County Commission candidates in their full-page ad in the July 13 Transylvania Times. I strongly support our local law enforcement and law enforcement... — Updated 7/22/2020


Seeking A 'Beloved Community'

When I heard the sad news that my friend John Lewis had died, the first thing that came to mind was the recent full page ad in The Transylvania Times by Republican county commissioner Jason Chappell and GOP candidates Larry... — Updated 7/22/2020


Better To Have Made Decision

Like all school boards in North Carolina, the Transylvania County Board of Education faces a difficult decision in determining how to reopen school this fall. Whether or not it decides to open schools on Aug. 17 under Plan B, a... — Updated 7/22/2020


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