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Duke Butchers Trees

Supposing you had a beautiful paining by Monet, but some kid scribbled black lines all over it with his black marker. That is what Duke Energy is doing to our landscapes. Workers with chain saws are set loose by Duke Energy with... — Updated 3/22/2021


God Loves All

On behalf of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans folks in our county, I am compelled to speak against the Vatican’s recent statement that the Roman Catholic church cannot bless same-sex unions because, in Pope Francis’ words,... — Updated 3/22/2021


Cawthorn, Jackson And The 'R Syndrome'

The March 8 edition of The Times highlights ongoing obstruction to the public good by two of our elected officials. First, there’s an informative letter about Congressman Madison Cawthorn, one of the warm-ups for Trump’s Jan.... — Updated 3/22/2021


Go Back To Where You Came From

This is for all of the freedom-hating liberals who are bashing Larry Chapman and others of our county commissioners for standing up for our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights: You came from there to here because you... — Updated 3/22/2021


Hate Signs

Susan Lefler’s notable letter about hate signs having no place in our county was a powerful reminder that racism can creep in even to our peaceful part of the land. We know not the reasons behind the recent explosive devices... — Updated 3/22/2021


A Chance To Move Forward

The recent passage of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (ARP) could give millions of individuals, as well as local and state governments, an opportunity to move forward from the economic ravages of COVID-19. In descending... — Updated 3/17/2021


Seuss' Family Removed Books

Mr. Cole is worried that “cancel culture” has caused the cessation of publishing of some of Dr. Seuss’ books. I wonder if he knows that, as he calls them “They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,” is the family of Dr. Seuss. It is... — Updated 3/17/2021


Ayn And Hannah

In today’s paper, readers will find an Opinion of the Readers entitled “Atlas Shrugged,’ in which the author compares some lines from Ayn Rand’s book, which was published in 1957, to today. While there may well be elements... — Updated 3/16/2021


Cancel Culture

Cancel culture is major issue in American society today. The right eagerly jumps on instances ranging from the foolish actions of a school board taking down Lincoln’s name from schools to peremptory dismissal of employees for sta... — Updated 3/15/2021


Good Reason For Leaving

As much as an hour before the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami struck the coastlines of multiple countries, killing 230,000 people, the elephants in the areas affected started trumpeting and heading inland. This was confirmed to me by a... — Updated 3/15/2021


Grateful For Assistance

Having become disabled last year, I face many new challenges. I am so thankful to be living in a caring community such as Brevard. I have experienced so much kindness. The clerk at Ingles gas station pumps my gas without even... — Updated 3/15/2021


'Atlas Shrugged'

As described by Ayn Rand in 1957 and happening today. “The general policy of the press had been stated by a famous editor five years ago. ‘There are no objective facts,’ he had said. “Every report on facts is only somebody... — Updated 3/15/2021



In response to Art Cole’s recent letter about the cessation of publication of six Dr. Seuss titles, in which he claims their demise is due to “The Cancel Culture;” here is a direct quote from the conservators of the... — Updated 3/15/2021


No Room For Hate

The recent distribution of hate messages in Transylvania County and, indeed, what appears to be an effort to recruit high school students to one particular white supremacist group, is a wakeup call to all of us. This horrifying... — Updated 3/15/2021


Requiem For Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the organization responsible for continuing Dr. Seuss’ legacy, recently decided to ban further publication and licensing of six of Dr. Seuss’ children’s books. This decision amounts to virtual book... — Updated 3/15/2021


Hate Signs Are Not Welcome

Concerning the hate message litter on the grounds of the high school, when I saw the image of the ugly racist messaging, using the word “trump” as a verb, my first reaction was disgust. My second one was deep sadness. I have... — Updated 3/15/2021


Life Has Greater Value Than Property

I read Commissioner Chapman’s statement where he explained his “hate America left” comment by saying he wasn’t referring to Democrats but to anarchists who burn buildings and destroy livelihoods. I invite him to ponder, if... — Updated 3/10/2021


Cancel Culture

I hope all thinking people are getting more than a little tired of this thing called “ Cancel Culture.” It has taken on a very scary aura and it is out of control. We have to ask ourselves when and where will it stop? In my... — Updated 3/10/2021


Appreciates Vaccine Workers

Last week my wife and I, together with a large number of other county residents, received our COVID-19 vaccinations. We want to say “thank you” to all county leaders and staff who participated in what was a very well planned,... — Updated 3/10/2021


Change The Policy

I read The Transylvania Times response to Larry Chapman in the March 4, 2021, edition and also The Transylvania Times “Policies for Politicians.” In my opinion, when one of our elected officials is attacked (in writing) by any... — Updated 3/10/2021


Dr. Seuss Vs. The Cancel Culture

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” —Theodor Seuss Geisel OK. Why do people want to cancel statues? Books? Speech? Thoughts? Ideas? But the latest in t... — Updated 3/10/2021


Hospital Is Evolving Story

In late January at a Transylvania County Board of Commissioners meeting, Michele Pilon, Transylvania Regional Hospital’s chief operating officer and chief nursing officer, confirmed what many people in the community had heard... — Updated 3/10/2021


Against Madison Cawthorn

I hope everyone has had a chance to read the exposé of our representative to the U.S. Congress, Madison Cawthorn, that appeared in the Washington Post on Feb. 27. It catalogues the lies he told. He was “incapacitated” and not... — Updated 3/8/2021


This Needs To Be Said About Tourists

As a local resident of Transylvania County, I want to tell the Tourism Board that tourism has had a negative impact on the quality of life for the locals. No longer can we enjoy DuPont State Forest as it has become way... — Updated 3/8/2021


Local Or State Control?

For many years there have been disputes as to which decisions should be made at the state level and which at the local level. Decades ago North Carolina state government approved an ABC model for public education. Schools were to... — Updated 3/8/2021


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