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Bernstein's Book Provides Local History

My husband recently came home with a copy of “DuPont Forest, A History.” Being a lover and frequent user of the forest since it opened to the public, I quickly called dibs on reading it first. Danny Bernstein exceeded my... — Updated 12/23/2020


The Light Within

Every year during this holiday season the nights brighten up by the lights of Christmas and Hanukkah. There are light shows and even “light fights.” We are drawn to them like moths to a flame. There is, however, a different... — Updated 12/23/2020



For the last four decades if you heard someone in Transylvania County say, “I’m going to talk with Stella,” people knew exactly whom they were referring to, Stella Trapp, the longtime publisher and editor of The Transylvania... — Updated 12/22/2020


Economic Development News

As reported in The Transylvania Times, county commissioners recently voted to award an incentive package worth nearly a half a million dollars to Raybow USA. It should be noted that a publicly traded Chinese company, worth over 4 b... — Updated 12/22/2020


Preventative Measures Aid Economic Recovery

Regarding some of Mr. Cole’s questions in the Dec. 17 issue of The Transylvania Times T: COVID-19 “escapes” from a Level 4 BIO Lab in China. The story that the COVID-19 virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory originated from... — Updated 12/22/2020


Congratulations, America!

Congratulations, America! What a year! Historians and academics will feast on the meaning of 2020 for decades to come. Like it or not, Donald Trump will soon exit the White House, having had the presidential election (stolen) from... — Updated 12/22/2020


PARI Focuses On Children's Futures And STEM Shortage

America is facing a crisis and this crisis is accelerating with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution, along with the current pandemic, is blurring the boundaries between physical, digital and biological learning. We... — Updated 12/16/2020


Make Athletics Competitive

For many high school students, athletics is an integral part of their lives. Playing on an athletic team is often the highlight of their day. The benefits of athletics, if done correctly, are multiple. With the exception of... — Updated 12/16/2020


Ask Questions

We might want to educate ourselves before blindly following the differing opinions of “experts” and politicians. And as I said, not everyone agrees with me — including my wife. My opinion is just another spoke on the wagon... — Updated 12/16/2020


Is There A Despot In Our Government?

The 1787 Convention that drafted our Constitution had completed their work. Printed copies would be circulated among the 13 states for ratification. Benjamin Franklin spoke: “I agree with the Constitution with all its faults, if... — Updated 12/14/2020


Praise To TRH

Two weeks ago, early in the morning, my husband took me to the Emergency Room in Transylvania Regional Hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. Fortunately, early observation showed that this was not the case. The next test,... — Updated 12/14/2020


The Right Stuff

Chuck Yeager has died at 97. He had 13 German plane “kills” in WWII, all before age 22, and flew in combat in Korea and Vietnam. In the feat for which he is famous, he was the first man to break the sound barrier — while... — Updated 12/14/2020


A Lovely Issue

I just want to thank you all for yesterday’s cheerful, news-full, colorful edition of The Transylvania Times! You focus so well on all one can do instead of on what one can’t, you patiently print long ranting letters that... — Updated 12/14/2020


Conspiracy Theory Has No Credibility

I am so tired of this election talk about fraud. Those Republican senators and congressmen were elected by the same ballots that elected Biden. Funny we don’t hear them saying fraud was involved in their elections. The very same... — Updated 12/14/2020


Courageous Commissioners

OK, right? No oxymoronic jokes here. This is serious. It takes courage to be a good commissioner, not a “kick the can” mentality that pervades many boards and commissions. The issue at hand: the courthouse. For more than 30... — Updated 12/14/2020

 By Emily Lowery    Opinion

Frigid Temps Call For Action

The Haven of Transylvania County is our county’s only homeless shelter. It is committed to keeping its doors open and serving the homeless community. In order to come into either shelter at present time, a person must make an app... — Updated 12/9/2020


Shout Out To Recreation Department

I frequently walk our dogs around the grounds of the Silvermont mansion. Recently I noticed that the American flag flying on the building needed to be replaced, as it was faded and frayed. One phone call to Jared Mull, director of... — Updated 12/9/2020


What Is The Cost Of Lies?

In his letter in the Dec. 3 Transylvania Times, Art Cole recommends that we ignore the “drums of doom” promoted by “politicians, media and ‘health’ professionals” and open up our country because of the negative effects... — Updated 12/9/2020


Recalling Attack On Pearl Harbor

I was almost 10 years old on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941. My parents and I were living in the naval dependent housing area at Pearl Harbor and adjacent to Hickam Army Airfield. From our house, one could clearly see Ford Island in the... — Updated 12/7/2020


Coronavirus Is Unique

Mr. Cole’s recent letter to the editor is symptomatic of those people that just “don’t get it.” The data should be clear to even the most naive that this epidemic cannot be compared to influenza or the Hong Kong Flu, for... — Updated 12/7/2020


Pandemic Is A Crisis

After reading Mr. Cole’s letter of Dec. 3, I felt compelled to respond. I truly was amazed, incredulous and also incensed. I can only imagine he is one of those people who thinks the COVID-19 pandemic is a “hoax!” I find it... — Updated 12/7/2020


The Two Calls For Peace

Christmas time has arrived and the long-time tradition of Carr’s Hill Baptist Church of putting out their manger scene and powerful sign over it just below the old church on the hill is here. Lighted at night and beautiful... — Updated 12/7/2020


Comparing Sacrifices

Seventy-nine years ago, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. A day later, President Franklin Roosevelt gave his “Day of Infamy” speech and the U.S. Congress declared war on Japan. When men were drafted into the service, it was... — Updated 12/7/2020


Wealth Care Puts Shareholders First

Apparently, based upon my recent hospital experience, we Transylvanians are too stupid to take care of ourselves and so must be herded onto the sticky web of the so-called health care system. In my opinion, it should be called the... — Updated 12/7/2020


Kudos To Brevard College

Brevard College recently finished a successful first semester, something many colleges and universities cannot claim. Several large universities in this state closed down and sent students home back in August, forcing their... — Updated 12/7/2020


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