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Sharing House's Success

Sharing House of Transylvania Christian Ministry, Inc. recently released its 2019 report, a report that shows community-wide support for an organization that helps to provide for those in need. In 2019, Sharing House had 177... — Updated 7/27/2020


Better To Have Made Decision

Like all school boards in North Carolina, the Transylvania County Board of Education faces a difficult decision in determining how to reopen school this fall. Whether or not it decides to open schools on Aug. 17 under Plan B, a... — Updated 7/22/2020


Reach Out

It’s a simple photo on the front of today’s B section: one white Army veteran and one black Navy recruit reaching out to shake hands while meeting on a hiking trail. In this time of divisiveness and fear, of people recoiling in... — Updated 7/20/2020


Reopening Plan Is Reasonable

The decision by Gov. Roy Cooper that schools should reopen next month under Plan B, which calls for both in-person and online instruction, is the most prudent one at this time. Plan A, which called for all students to attend... — Updated 7/15/2020


Control Virus To Protect Schools

The goal of schools should be to reopen fully this fall for multiple reasons. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) succinctly stated the reasons to strive for a full reopening when it stated: “The AAP strongly advocates that... — Updated 7/13/2020


The Definition Of Community

In Monday’s paper we ran a story entitled, “Powell Town Rallies Around The River.” The story epitomizes the combined definitions of community as “a group of people living in the same locality” as well as “a group of... — Updated 7/9/2020


Be Vigilant

It has now been four months since Gov. Roy Cooper issued stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19. In the first few months there were very few cases locally and nearly all residents abided by the governor’s... — Updated 7/9/2020


This Is A Testing Time For All Of Us

By Lee H. Hamilton A few weeks ago, The New York Times ran an article noting that with the U.S. preoccupied by the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and massive unemployment, “its competitors are moving to fill... — Updated 7/6/2020


Hitting 'Pause' Is Responsible

When Gov. Roy Cooper announced Wednesday that North Carolina would not proceed to Phase Three of reopening the state until at least July 17, political opportunists wasted no time in criticizing the decision. Some Republicans claime... — Updated 6/29/2020


Fill Out Form For Money

If most people were asked to just fill out a form to receive money, they would do so immediately. It’s a little odd, then, that residents do not fill out their U.S. Census forms. While participating in the census does not... — Updated 6/24/2020


Reactive Vs. Proactive

One of the things we hopefully will learn as a nation from the COVID-19 pandemic and racial inequality that have dominated recent headlines is that it is less costly in terms of money, health and happiness to be proactive instead... — Updated 6/22/2020


De Facto Racism

In the past few weeks we have received letters about whether or not there is systemic racism in this country. There is no doubt that racism has been systemic for the majority of American history. De jure racism, racism “by... — Updated 6/18/2020


Supporting Local Farms

With summer officially arriving on Saturday, a plethora of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as eggs and meat, will be readily available in the next few months at local farms and the Transylvania County Farmers’ Market. We... — Updated 6/15/2020


No Exception For Convention

After the death of more than 100,000 Americans and more than 1,000 North Carolinians, it is astounding that some elected officials still do not understand how contagious the coronavirus is and an elementary school understanding... — Updated 6/10/2020


Confrontation Vs. De-escalation

Once the indelible video of the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer – who has been charged with murder – went viral, it should have been apparent to every law enforcement leader in every major and mid-sized... — Updated 6/9/2020


Leaders Who Listen, Care

One Friday evening several weeks ago, an unauthorized message from the school system was sent to high school seniors stating this year’s graduation ceremonies would be a drive-through type of service. That following Monday at... — Updated 6/5/2020


Masks Are A Small Sacrifice

It has become apparent in the past few weeks, particularly since the opening of Phase Two in North Carolina, that many people no longer believe it is necessary to wear masks in public nor adhere to staying 6 feet away from... — Updated 6/1/2020


Blue Skies And Better Wages

Like many crises, COVID-19 has clarified some issues that may have been murky to some. It should be crystal clear that we have had a negative impact on air quality. Hundreds of pictures floating around the internet, on TV and in... — Updated 5/27/2020


Memorial Day

(Editor’s Note: The following is an abbreviated version of a Memorial Day speech by Bill Oxford, national commander of the American Legion.) Every crisis has new heroes. During the 9/11 attacks, they were the first responders... — Updated 5/25/2020


Balancing Our Freedoms

When governors began issuing stay-at-home orders in March, nearly everyone complied with those orders. After a few weeks, however, small groups of people began to protest that these governors were denying them their rights as... — Updated 5/20/2020


Listen To Medical Experts

If you want to know if a mysterious spot is skin cancer, you visit a dermatologist. If your vision is becoming a little blurry, you see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. If you have heart problems, you visit a cardiologist. And... — Updated 5/18/2020


Respect And Appreciation

We are fortunate to live in a community in which most people are respectful of one another. People do not cut in line when waiting to get into the movies or a restaurant. There are no altercations when two drivers simultaneously... — Updated 5/13/2020


Be Smart: It's Not Over

In the last two weeks, more than half of the states in this country have begun to loosen restrictions regarding COVID-19. Unfortunately, nearly all of those states are taking those measures without meeting the guidelines... — Updated 5/12/2020


Will Cathey

If you spent more than 10 minutes with Will Cathey, you would not forget him. His personality was larger than life, of which his ended all too soon last week. His list of positions included assistant district attorney, mayor of... — Updated 5/6/2020


Struggling With Uncertainty

When 2020 rang in four months ago, we assumed it would be much like 2019. We were certain that we would probably have jobs and that if we ate right and exercised, we would be healthy. We were fairly certain of our future. That... — Updated 5/4/2020


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